In today's

Weekend Herald

, there was an error with the solutions published alongside the Kropotkin crossword on E19 of



The solutions are for today's crossword (Kropotkin 921), not last week's puzzle. We regret the error.


Here are the solutions for Kropotkin 920:

()=included, []=excluded

Across: 7.S(a man)tha 9.he-[M]ight 10.J(e)ames 11.d(ecag)ons 12.strat-o-cruisers 15.pen-I 17.Sof(I)a 19.s)cow[s 20.lead-free petrol 23.S-co-G-gins 25.Coneys 27.K-N-itch 28.cashier-s

Down: 1.Cap-E 2.W(aim)e-A 3.card 4.chi-chi 5.jingle-T-S 6.things to do 8.tes-tons 13.Treble C-one 14.rifle 16.I-ran-gate 18.a-spec(t)s 21.f(l)ight 22.t(inn)ie 24.sack 26.yard