A new political poll shows support for National has dropped slightly, but the party still has a massive 30 point lead over Labour.

The latest stuff.co.nz/Ipsos political poll shows support for National is down 1.7 percentage points from the previous poll, but still strong at 54.8 per cent.

While Labour has increased its support by 1.7 percentage points, at 24.9 per cent, the party is still well behind National.

The poll also showed John Key remains the preferred Prime Minister with 53.7 per cent of voter support - leagues ahead of David Cunliffe at 12.8 per cent.


The Greens has achieved a 0.5 percentage point lift in the poll, now sitting on 12.4 per cent and support for NZ First had dropped by 0.6, now sitting at 2.6 per cent.

Colin Craig's Conservative party held 1.3 per cent of voter's support.

Meanwhile, 15.3 per cent of voters were still undecided about who they would vote for.