Cricketer Shane Warne is in New Zealand, enjoying a tipple from a few local craft beers.

The Australian cricket legend was in Blenheim this morning, where he had been tasting beer and "learning how to make it taste great" over the past couple of days, he revealed on his Twitter account.

It is not yet known which beers or breweries the Aussie star has been sampling products from, but Warne did announce his intentions to sip a few more today.

"Hello Blenheim NZ & 6 degrees, looking forward to some more beer tasting today, last nights beer was delicious, hick," he posted to his Twitter account, alongside a photograph of a vineyard.

Hello Blenheim NZ & 6 degrees,looking forward to some more beer tasting today,last nights beer was delicious, hick


Shortly afterwards he added another image, saying: "Early morning beer tasting & leading (sic) how to make it taste great !!! Hick."

Early morning beer tasting & leading how to make it taste great !!! Hick.... ??


He was promptly given a few tips on places to visit, including Blenheim's famous wineries, and the Moa Beer brewery, which British cricketing legend Ian Botham became an ambassador for in July to promote the craft brew in the UK.

Warne's partner, Liz Hurley, is not travelling with him. She attended the Brits Icon awards this week, where her good friend Sir Elton John was presented with the inaugural gong.

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