Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include a hunger strike, a firefighter stripping for a good cause and the latest verdicts from Lonely Planet.

Twelve days ago Work and Income refused amputee Sam Kuha a fourth $40 special needs grant to buy food so he started a hunger strike and he's still going.

A Kawakawa firefighter has become a reluctant pin-up girl.

The latest Lonely Planet guide says Rotorua is "lagging" but it raves about Hawke's Bay. Oamaru and the Waitaki District have received a glowing review.


Michael Donald Parkes bashed his 70-year-old neighbour in the head with a torch in a dispute over a dead cat.

Having three drink driving convictions didn't stop Herbert Stanley Mennis drinking two boxes of beer at his sister's birthday then getting behind the wheel.

Gannets' have extraordinary optical powers. Seals are swimming miles inland. But native plants, birds, lizards and bats may be threatened by a dam.

Meanwhile overheard in Mount Maunganui's cafe scene: "Waiter, there's a seagull in my latte."

Within minutes of arriving in Whangarei, a German couple had their van broken into and precious things stolen.

Rotorua's new three-day New Year festival will be known as the Rotorua Glo Festival.

Parents concerned their child may be suffering from an eating disorder are being advised to consult their family doctor.
Papamoa residents are taking matters into their own hands. Meanwhile Hairy Maclary has finally been immortalised.

Miners from Huntly East are at Parliament today to try to save hundreds of jobs.
Here is the first female golfer to play in the senior men's pennants in Hawke's Bay.

The battery of a snowcat has exploded in the face of a Whakapapa ski field worker.

There's a thriving chess culture at Nuhaka School.

Concrete has been dumped on a sacred Maori site in Poraiti.

Some parents are abandoning their children in Wanganui to play pokies.

A drunken Tiraumea farm hand is lucky to be alive after rolling his car and being thrown through the windshield.

Lazy motorists who refuse to maintain their cars will apparently put other drivers' lives at risk.

Lots of teachers are angry and upset at the moment. In Christchurch, they are preparing for a fight.

A Carterton hunter who pursued a wild animal onto a private farm was caught on camera and prosecuted.

Burglars are back in business in west Riccarton.

Methven's Hobbs Road walkway project has turned into a disaster.
Larger cruise ships will bring a record 230,000 passengers and crew into Dunedin this season.

When good Zumba goes bad, the taxpayer ends up forking out.

Looks like a stalker is at large in Dunedin.

Tahuna Normal Intermediate School has 14 sets of twins.

Manuaitu Haggie has learned to be brave before he has learned to read and write.

Just over half of Oamaru's learner drivers are passing their restricted driving tests compared to a success rate of more than 90 per cent last year.

Meanwhile the Otago Chamber of Commerce has made it clear that drilling company Anadarko is welcome to set up base in Dunedin.

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