A Tui billboard poking fun at internet millionaire Kim Dotcom's weight has been found to be disparaging and derogatory and has been ordered down by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received numerous complaints about the brewery's billboard, which read "She clearly married Dotcom for his body. Yeah right''.

One complainant, S Webb, said the insinuations against the Megaupload founder and his wife Mona were very negative.

"The clear insinuation is that Mr Dotcom has an unattractive body and that Mrs Dotcom married him for his money. Both of these are highly offensive to the individuals involved and I am offended every time I drive past this sign,'' the complaint said.


Other complainants shared similar views.

The ASA complaints board found that although the advertisements was meant to be humorous, the statement was disparaging and derogatory to Dotcom and his wife.

''[It] was not saved by the allowance for the use of humour.''

Because of the public nature of the billboard it was found to cause serious and widespread offence.

It was ordered to be removed.

DB Breweries told the ASA that the advertisements had already been removed, or would have been removed by November 13.