WARNING: This article contains Game of Thrones spoilers. Do not read if you have not seen season six, episode five.

It turns out Game of Thrones really doesn't care about your feelings, because this episode they stomped all over them.

First of all, there is some good news.

After fans and even cast members called for a more equal showing of nudity in the show, Game of Thrones finally showed a naked man and not just from the waist up this time.

Sure, it wasn't anyone important and it was deeply unpleasant (it was shown in reference to warts), but still, perhaps we're getting there, and fans are pleased (despite wishing it was Jon Snow's, or you know ... not warty).


Now for the bad news, and another warning: a huge spoiler follows, if you don't want to know, stop reading now.

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We finally found out about Hodor's history - just in time to watch him (probably) die.

Bran pulled a warg-ception and warged into Hodor while already warging into the past with the three-eyed raven.

While he and Meera made a run for it, Meera shouted back at Hodor to "hold the door" while they escaped an onslaught of white walkers.

Hodor in the past heard Meera yelling at Hodor in the present through Bran's double warg, and dropped to the ground in a strange seizure in which he kept repeating "hold the door" until it slurred to become "Hodor".

Back in the present, grown up Hodor - distracted by his own revelation - appeared to be killed by the white walkers. Though there may still be hope, as we never actually saw him fall.

Why does someone as pure and innocent as Hodor get this treatment while Ramsay Bolton runs free? Because Game of Thrones, that's why.


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