Poland's Eurovision entry was "two boobs too far" for one British judge, who marked Donatan & Cleo down despite the UK voting public loving them.

The duo's raunchy performance involved buxom milkmaids with their legs astride butter churners, in costumes clearly designed to emphasise their "assets".

We Are Slavic was ranked first by UK voters but placed last by the country's expert jurors, with soprano Laura Wright arguing that it "took away from what the contest is about".

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"I'd say it was soft porn. It was two boobs too far for me," she told Metro. "It's obvious why their performance has gone down well but that makes me really sad from a woman's perspective."

Wright added that Donatan & Cleo's act was particularly shocking as Eurovision is a family event, meaning it "stuck out for the wrong reasons".

"You could see the obvious male appeal but there was no attention paid to the actual song - it's not supposed to be about buxom ladies washing their intimates on stage," she said.

The lyrics to We Are Slavic included such phrases as "shake what your mama gave ya!" and "this is the hot blood, this is our Slavic call".

BBC commentator Graham Norton struggled for words after the Polish girls performed on Saturday and eventually finished in 14th place, three above the UK's Molly Smitten-Downes.

Norton lampooned We Are Slavic as a "feminist anthem" while likening it to "Carry on up the Eurovision". "I've never seen butter churning get a reaction like that before," he said.

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Leicestershire singer-songwriter Molly came 17th with 62 points for her self-penned entry, Children of the Universe.

Austria's bearded drag artist Conchita Wurst was crowned winner, much to the delight of LGBT supporters across Europe and much to the disdain of Russian politicians.

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