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Your Views: Your reviews of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Reviewer Rebecca Barry said of the Chilis concert at the Vector Arena: "The Chilis can still leave a red-hot impression, even if the fire has burned out for one of them."

We asked your thoughts on the show and the venue. The sound engineer for the band sent in a Your Views comment (see below).

This forum debate has now closed. Here is a selection of your reviews:

I am pleased that the sound engineer from the Chili's have agreed with what my friends and I experienced at the concert. We had a great time, but from where we were sitting (at the back near the top - not great seats as we couldn't see (should have taken binoculars) we couldn't hear Anthony sing at all. The arena was great, but sound wise it was pretty awful. However I know others that didn't have this problem, because they were sitting closer to the stage.

Just to add a bit of positive feedback into the works..The Chilli's Saturday night show was fantastic, despite the inept bar staff at the arena. It disappoints me to hear so many "fans" complain about the lack of "well known" songs they did not play. The majority of these three or four songs were hits 5-10 years ago with most of the band members having not being present when they were released. There has to be a time when the band allows itself to grow even if that means pulling away from greats like "Under the Bridge".

For such a diverse band I would expect a more diverse audience. When Flea came out with the trumpet, that just demonstrated such multi faceted talent. John's solo, Chads beats and the 15min jamming session was just mind blowing. I personally think it's those extras that make a live show. For 20 years of sold out singles these musical madmen have still got it.

Loved it. From start to finish, what a privilege to witness a band on top of their game. Har Mar Superstar was hilarious, loved him too. Perhaps the MTV generation isn't comfortable with the live concert concept? Was seated one row from the back in the middle and didn't understand a word anyone said on stage and the drumming I saw was out of time with the drumming I heard but hey, was excited to be there.Rat, I bet you say that to all the countries you go to :)

The best concert I've been to, hands down. It was on a smaller scale than U2 but way more funky. Nothing wrong with Anthony Kiedis' performance in my opinion - it was energetic as hell, especially in Give it Away Now. The rest of the band are top-notch musicians with fantastic chemistry.My friends and I sang and danced like crazy people the whole way through - loved, loved, loved it! The slippery floor was definitely an issue though.

I was so glad when the Chili's came on, because the opening act were absolute crap! The lighting and graphics weren't a patch on the By The Way Brisbane show. A little bit disppointed overall (money wise) but I will go every time that they come down this way. I loved the instrumentals and that solo by John was awesome. However, I was sorely disappointed that they didn't play Under The Bridge. Anthony was his usual acrobatic self, John & Flea were great and Chad was awesome. I was stoked that he had the last say-something he doesn't do at all, I'm told!

Dave Rat
Hello hello, my name is Dave Rat, I have worked for the Red Hot Chili Peppers as their sound engineer for 17 years now and mixed nearly every show for them during that time frame. Additionally, over the years I have mixed other bands including Rage Against the Machine, The Offspring, Blink 182, The Foo Fighters and many more. It may also be interesting to note that this is the first time I have ever commented on a concert review in a public forum and that the reason I am doing so is because I am hoping that my comments will have a positive impact on something that can and should be dealt with regarding the Vector Arena.
First, I would like to preface by saying that all of "us" that includes the Chili Peppers band and crew, absolutely love New Zealand! We love the people, the beauty, the attitude and how it feels to be surrounded by and in such a wonderful place. I know this because that is all we ever say whenever we travel to your wonderful country. Everyone with us glows and smiles. Also, I think it is awesome that there is an arena now that is in the size range that will attract more bands and more music to Auckland. It is an expensive and logistically complex endeavor to bring a large rock production to a far away place and it usually requires air freighting in tremendous amounts of gear and now with a venue in this size range it makes it more feasible for many cool and not-so-cool bands come your way.

Went to the Sunday show, got what I expected, not necessarily what I hoped. Love whole BSSM album, whereas enjoy songs from later albums, understand that tour was supporting Stadium Arcadium album thou. Thought venue was very good, but only 12,000 seats contributed to higher cost of tickets, can't blame Chili's for that. Enjoyed the extended versions and the guitar & drum solos, part of live performances, including end instrumental, thought Chads drumming was exceptional. First time to Chili's (and probably last), can now say I've been, worth the ticket price (and flights from S.I).

Scroll down and read the reviews by 'Nik' and 'Me' They are absolutely 100 per cent correct.

I went to the concert on saturday nite and it was one of the best concerts i have ever been to. I think that josh klinghoffer was a very good addition in the live show and the way that he and john frusciante connected on stage was great. And will all you people stop complaining everyone else who went had a great time and they didnt complain but you have to dont you. also the fact that they did alot of not very well known songs like this velvet glove was great because they are very good live songs. Im sure that everyone else will agree that it was a great concert and that the chilis are still an awesome live band.

Yeah i went to the concert on sunday probably best thing of my life. um kinda gutted they didnt play californication a but it was sik as. does any1 know wat was rong with anthony was his tinitus playing up or did he have neumonia or sumtin?

Went to the Sunday night show, greatest night of my life, it will be the greatest night I ever have. Cut the moaning you so called 'fans' how could you not just be blown away by being in the presence of the most amazing band in the world?? But I do agree it needed to be WAY louder, and John even told them to turn it up but they didn't. They were amazing, the jams were amazing, they put some awesome unexpected songs in there eg. Catholic School Girls Rules, This Velvet Glove, Fortune Faded and I could Have Lied!! The only thing I was disappointed with were the other 'fans' in the mosh that would rather txt than getting amongst the pure awesomeness. How dare you call their jams boring! You'll never see musicianship or passion like John Flea and Chad have ever again! And Josh was great you should be ashamed of yourself for dissing him. Songs they played in the incorrect order: Can't Stop, Dani California, Otherside, Fortune Faded, 21st Century, Shes Only 18, Get On Top, Cat olic School Girls, This Velvet Glove, Hump De Bump, I could have lied, Charlie, Snow, By The Way, DONT FORGET ME!!!!, drum solo, Freebird (cover by John), give it away, and the experimental progressive funk jam at the end I thought it was totally mesmorising. There mightve been one or two I missed but i think thats all of them. I loved every minute of it, knew every word, didn't take my eyes off them for a second, and can't wait for them to come back. ps. the opening band was bad, but they had the hot drummer from the strokes!

Mark M
Overall the concert was both good and bad. I was very disappointed at the first band that came on before the chilis. To see a fat middle aged man strip down to his undies is not what I'd call enjoyment. Then when the chillis actually came on. I was so surprised by the noise. My ears were blocked and I had to leave the arena a few times because it was just too loud. They played all new songs, with no older ones at all. But when the songs that I like and knew came on, It really was great. I was quite glad that they didn't swear every second word like the first band, but there could have been a little more interaction with the audience. The encore was horribly long and harsh on the ears. So we left in the first couple of minutes avoiding the masses and chaos by the crowds.

Phillip Hindrup
I went to both concerts and thought they were fantastic. I dont know why people are so upset with the songs they played. They play several times a week and I'm sure they don't want to play the same stuff every night. Would you enjoy doing that? Kurt Cobain hated playing Smells Like Teen Spirit every night. And Matt, for such an avid RCHCP fan I thought you should know this. The 2nd gutarist was Josh Klinghoffer. He is a long tome friend of John Frusciante and helped record most of John's solo albums - 6 of which he released in 8 months in 2004 (check them out they're great). The reason he was performing was because some songs require two guitars. Josh meant that they could play Higher Ground and This Velvt Glove etc. So get off his case. To everyone else complaining. Please don't go next time and let the true fans enjoy the show. I'm sure many people missed out who would have appreciated them for who they are - Phenoms!

Venue: great. Sound Quality: ok. Stage Set up Lighting etc: very poor for a band with a big budget and the cost of the tickets. Band: very tight. Anthony: Not connecting with the audience, vocals OK Encore: very disappointing, didn't pay good money to hear a 30min instrumental.Green Day was 100 per cent better.

Best part of the RHCP concert? The end. Thank god we were sent out with the classic Pixies tune - 'Where is my mind'? Where I ask,is AK's mind? Hmmmm. Very disappointing.

As an aging rocker I totally enjoyed Saturday night. The mix of hits, the unexpected songs (e.g., Sir Physcho Sexy and John's Fleetwood Mac song) and the jams was brilliant. We were front left and the group around us just seemed to gel and were totally immersed in it, irrespective of age and sex. Plus the security guys were great - we had a little problem with a team of young guys but the security were quickly onto it and their accuracy with the water bottles was impressive and life saving as we burnt up our energy and H2O. The calls for the encore were the most sustained and genuine I have ever heard. Left thoroughly exhausted, sweat-soaked and fully satiated.

I went to the Sunday concert, and found it great, even if there wasn't as much energy as normal. I have not missed a Chillis visit in 18 years, and was not about to miss this one for anything. I understand Anthony was getting over pneumonia. If that is true, then he did a brilliant job. I was also just getting over issues with a collapsed lung when I went to the concert, and he had alot more energy than me!! I was disappointed at the number of songs played, but it was better the way we had it than ending up having the concert cancelled! Think about it. Thanks guys, see ya next time.

The Vector Arena. Yes it's nice and new etc... I'm glad that Auckland has a venue the rock/pop stars would be interested in hold a concert at. However, 12,000 people is not many. I feel sorry for those how could not afford to get a ticket or missed out because they could not get a ticket. $130.00 for a ticket is very expensive compared to the rest of the world. New Zealanders are getting ripped off! Make it more affordable so people will be happier, this is a general rule that should be applied everywhere. Happy people would make this place a better place in live in. Also you could not choose where you wanted to sit. Some people could not see the big screens because they were sitting side on to the stage. Developers need to think a little. The sound quality was poor. It's an Arena. The sound waves bounce off walls and ceilings so if you were sitting high up in the seated area, the sound was not as good as if you were seated lower down. The most important factor about holding a concert is the sound quality.

Ok Daniel where's your faith? You've loved the chilis for 15yrs yet you can't find satisfaction, ecstasy and the pure high of fantastic music from an amazing concert of theirs? Ok I have to admit I havn't been to a chilis concert before but you have to respect the fact that over 20years of being together, band dynamics would develop and change and therefore may sound different. That difference is not a bad thing, it's fantastic, it shows development, learnt lessons and new inspirations and influences. And the guitar and drum solos and instrumentals were amazing! How could they be 'boring'? Hearing that fantastic sound of energy passion and skill and then instantaneously being able to see the fingers of John and Flea flying knowlegeably and skillfully along their guitars and Chad's energetic and amazing drumming making that sound was probably the farthest from boring I could possibly have witnessed. A band like the Chilis are not just about their classics like Californication, Scar Tissue, The Zephyr song, Under the Bridge etc, (which undoubtedly are genius, art and great songs but about the excitement and joy the band must get out of doing something that they are so passionate about and in turn seeing the absolute enjoyment and satisfaction which their fans feel when seeing and hearing them play. I felt treated and insanely lucky to have witnessed those wired and hyped instrumentals, vocals and familiar tunes and beats! I heard that Anthony has recently recovered from bronchitis. So give him a break! Firstly he was rocking it so hard and the sound of his voice caused the audience to explode and pulse with joy and secondly he's not your cliche "how are you tonight nz?" rocker anyway! He's Anthony Keidis! It's so sad how many people are willing to give such strong opinions and criticism of something they have an outsider point of view on. It was a Stadium Arcadium tour so you couldn't have expected only old classics and I'm sure the band had reasons for and against playing certain songs. To me the Red Hot Chili Peppers reaffirmed their place as the most legitimate and ultimately fantastic rock act of the music world. Thank U red hot chili peppers for visiting our island and treating us to a live taste of a sound We've enjoyed and will continue to enjoy for as long as we can appreciate amazing music.

I found the concert a little disappointing I must say after having seen them on their Californication tour in Melbourne a few years ago. I thought that Anthony's apparent detached mood let the rest of the band down as all the other guys were really on fire. The improv sessions throughout the concert although a great snippet of another side to the band did become a little tedious and self indulgent at times interrupting the flow of the crescendos. However there is no denying that the chemistry they have musically is awesome. Overall it was great seeing one of my favourite bands in concert, but I must say that I am now way beyond the mosh pit.... as it appears the Chili's are becoming.

Diane Fitzpatrick
We saw the Chili's in Brisbane and agree with a lot of comments already made. The opening act was in bad taste, stripping down to his undies, but pulling out his pubic hair and sprinkling it on stage didn't go down to well! The Chili's made up for it though. What an awesome concert. Under the Bridge, Give it away, Stadium Arcadium, Get on top, By the Way, Snow, Hump de Bump,Throw away your television... the list goes on. Yes Anthony wasn't well. He didn't speak at all to his fans and also left early at the end of the night. He was having ear problems as we could see him with his fingers in his ears on many occasion. Flea was just magic with his bass playing and he acknowledged the crowd and thanked all the fans for their support. John, what can I say, that man is a legend with his guitar playing. It was a great night would go again tomorrow! I bought 7 tickets so all my family could go. Worth every cent. Please come back again guys!

I went to the Sunday night show and was blown away by the performance - it was awesome! Anyone complaining about Anthony Kiedis' energy levels needs to perhaps remember this guy had Pneumonia a couple weeks ago, and as said earlier, we're lucky they managed to play at all! Furthermore, if you've read his book you'd be aware that Anthony Kiedis is 42 years old and has spent close to the last 30 years of his life heavily involved with drugs; once again, the fact that he did a few spins and hops on stage at all is suprising! As for his vocal performance, for a guy who admits he isn't a great singer, he performed exceptionally and was one of the best live performances I've ever seen. As for Flea - he was energetic and entertaining, hopping around the stage and playing unreal bass! John Frusciante was flawless all night and similarly energetic. Chad Smith was great - nailed his solo and was awesome all night.

Dan H
One word to describe the show on Sunday - Tight. As a band the music was tight. I was standing and couldn't hear any of the sound issues fellow gig-goers are mentioning. Tight - as in tight with pleasing their fans. a)Little to no crowd participation or acknowledgement, we could have been in any city seeing them (no wait we got a mediocre support band - I guess we're in NZ ;-)I saw them on the Blood Sugar tour and there was no crowd interaction then so I can't say i was surprised b)I know the tour was supporting the new album( one good album across two discs) - but where were the crowd pleasers? Having said that, respect for playing Catholic School Girls Rule! There were few people in the crowd that recognized it and I had a great laugh seeing people scratching their heads during. Overall I enjoyed the experience but wasn't the spectacle I had hoped for. But as they say in entertainment Leave them wanting more. The Chilli's certainly did.PS Go see Peeping Tom - AKL June 16th!

The RHCP rocked the roof off! i attended the sunday show and i loved every minute of it. they're one of the greatest bands ever, and everyone's complaining about the songs they chose to play.. they are the red hot chili peppers and they will play whateva they feel like! being one of their younger fans of only 17, i grew up listening to the chillies, and although there was a small lack of the BSSM hits, people are forgeting that they have not long ago released their stadium arcadium album and are trying to get hits off this album recognised. everone thet attended should be happy that they even got to go. flea, john, chad and anthony rocked the house.
good on you guys.

Mike Harvey
I was also extremely dissapointed in sunday nights show. Hearing some of the songs that were played on sat and not on sun made me feel even worse (apparently suck my kiss, sir psycho sexy, higher ground). The sound for me wasnt too bad, the lyrics pretty clear almost perpendicular to the front edge of the stage. Im pretty sure AK sounded like he was on drugs, or the drugs were catching up because he did say one thing between songs that made any sense at all. I see some guitar experts think the long instrumentals were great, i thought they were absolutely terrible. And not just the 2nd guitarist who seriously looked like he was having a fit, and sounded like he was also. I also play guitar, and felt sticking a little closer to the real solo's would have been better also (ie I could have lied). ortunately i got to see them at BDO, where they were amazing, and their set was awesome (including soul to squeeze!) Too those that say "you were lucky to see them", whats wrong with being dissapointed, when you have literally seen them do much better before - for less money?

The sunday concert was awesome, all the criticism the show is getting is undeserved. While they didn't play one or two or their best songs, everything that they did play was off the hook. All of the group impressed with their enthusiasm and skills especially Chad's drum solo which blew the roof off.

Went to the concert on Saturday night. While the rest of the band was on fire and indulging in some lengthy instrumentals, AK's performance was not consistent. Vocals not audible over roaring guitar and drums. Ending with a 10 minute instrumental session was disappointing. Like most people there, I was geared up to end the concert on a high note... Yeah, didn't really feel the love, while the fans were ready to give it all! Watched the AK interview on TV1's 'Close Up' tonight. I guess the fact that this was the end to a 150 gig tour could be a contributing factor to the, at times, lack-lustre concert. Moments of brilliance, but not the Chili's best.

Tracey Baunton
Blue Cold Chili Peppers! Fortunately we had tickets to the sunday gig and fortunately this was the third time we have seen the band live. Fortunately the venue was very good in fact much better than originally thought. It reminded us of a North American NHL stadium and fortunately with much better sounding acoustics (although any band booked to play in this venue would be well wise to always make time for a sound check.) Unfortunately sundays are not Antony Keidis' favorite day of the week. Infact he doesn't talk on a sunday evening he only sings well, in that mundane, run of the mill, I must look at the Karaoke screen to remember the lyrics kind of way.Unfortunately the band don't like Antony on sundays either. Maybe that is why he left the stage after the first song of the encore and never returned. Thankyou Auckland, see you next time. Goodnight.Unfortunately no. Well, BCCP you can get off your higher ground and suck my kiss because after that gig you have left me with severe scar tissue. Time to call it a day boys.

I didn't go to the RHCP's concert in Auckland because I was disappointed by their performance in Melbourne 2 weeks ago (and I did buy a ticket for Sunday's concert!). I was such a big fan, but their lack of enthusiasim playing live has made me think twice- namely AK. Seems like there were more ballads than songs played at the Auckland concert as well. At their Melbourne concert, the guitarist and drummer put their hearts in, but AK was just on and off the stage and didn't say much at all and seemed "angry". When he sang the last song, we didn't even know it was their last! AK blurted "Thank You" and went off. Seemingly the guitarist was made to play a solo that lasted 15 mins of something random, and that was the end. AK didn't even come back out. Many fans in Melbourne left in disappointment, including myself. They didn't even play "Otherside"! Bad move. As reviewed by another source, they were the Red "Cold" Chili Peppers, agreed.

I went to the Sunday night show and it blew me away. I was standing near the front at general admission and I had a great night. They missed a few of their classic songs but the ones they played were still brilliant. Flea and Anthony had great energy and kept the crowd in to it. Har Mar Superstar was a disappointment and left everyone feeling somewhat disturbed.The energy that the Chili's bought with them on stage was really a huge improvement to their opening act, who got the biggest cheer when he put more clothes on. From the start to the finish, the Chili's had me mesmerised.

I went to the Saturday show and thought it was absolutely amazing. Only a few songs from the new album - a good thing, their old stuff is far better. Does it really matter that the audience couldn't sing along with the solos? I didn't pay $137 to hear 12,000 Aucklanders sing or to hear songs I could just listen to on the radio. The jamming was the best part - it proved that the Chilis really are fantastic musicians and that it's more than just the hits. I would go again in a flash.

What a pack of whiners. Why can no one be satisfied or happy these days?! They were fantastic, and to still be together and churning out the goods after 20 years (and all the crap they have been through) then cut some slack. Sorry they didnt play all the songs some people wanted to hear. But who cares!!!! If they were to play every great song of theirs it would take all day. Stadium Arcadium being their recent released album would mean that they would choose a few songs from it, hello, have you never been to a concert before? And I am guessing there was a huge number at the shows who only know that album, judging by the numbers of kids with their parents.Anyway, I had a great time, and wish I went to the 2nd night as well. Can someone post the set list for Sunday night. And correct me if I am missing some from Saturday? Cant Stop ( awesome) Dani California, Charlie, Scar Tissue, Ready Made, Throw Away your television, Songbird (John Frusciante, was such a cool song), Snow, Californication, Suck My Kiss, Sir Pyscho Sexy, By the Way, Higher Ground.... ??? YAY! Hurry up and come back.

Moan Moan Moan Moan Moan. Grow up people. Leaving on sunday, of the thousands of people around me it was only the poor kid bringing up his dinner outside the 'b' entrance door that didnt have a smile on his face. You idiots who moan about certain songs not being played get real they can't do 'em all (though it would be nice!) There is more to a live performance than the standard radio edit you have on your Ipod's. The whole reason you watch a live performance IS the extended live version! As for Carla Shneebi who didn't like it cos it was loud, honey...Its' a flaming rock concert! It's meant to be's part of the attraction. Be thankful big name acts actually come to NZ. We dont sell enough seats to make it hugely financially beneficial to them so appreciate what we get. I left buzzing because it was a great show. And as for those wingeing about Har Mar Superstar...Short,Bald,Fat and Undies what more can 1 ask of a rock concert, Go Tubby Go! Hehehe

I went to the Saturday night chillis concert, yes it was a disappointment to not have thier old songs played but you cant complain with the awesome new songs they have -- they rocked hard. We paid over $900 for two tickets off Trade Me and then travelled from welly, i dont know where the rest of you were - but we rocked hard in the mosh and got our moneys worth. There is not going to be a concert that ticks off everything on your wish list so go hard and enjoy the concerts while you can, I can just hope that the die hard fans get tickets on sale next time and not miss out to moaners!!

I first saw RHCP in 1992 following the BSSM release and the show was amazing. Ok they were 15 years younger, but I agree with the other reviews that Anthony just didn't seem into it. The sound was terrible with even Keidis clasping his hands over his ears at one point while Frusiante did a guitar solo. The interlude jams were boring and a waste of time. When will bands realise the audience doesn't want to sit through 10 minute drum and guitar solos of material we don't know. Too many songs from Statium Arcadium, and essentials missing were Higher Ground, Knock Me Down, Under the Bridge, Suck My Kiss, My Friends, Breaking the Girl, Californication, Around the World, Scar Tissue, and Zepher Song. Keidis left the stage without saying a word after a two song encore that finally gave us some BSSM material. All in all a real disappointment from a band I've loved for 15 years.

Well I went to Sunday nights concert. I couldnt get floor tickets which would have been better. Ive seen the Chilis twice before, once on the "One Hot Minute" Tour and the last time they came to the BDO. Although I would say the other concerts were better I still really enjoyed this one. I here Anthony Kiedis had pneumonia was it? so thats bound to slow you down a bit. After reading "scar tissue" Kiedis's autobiography I know He would be gutted to here the negative fan feedback its always been about the fans to him. I spose maybe the long tour has taken its toll maybe. I loved the Jamming and the instrumentals that rocked. Shame I couldnt get down to the floor (believe me I tried). All up gotta respect da RHCP

I agree with the reviewer - an International Rock Act and they couldn't even keep me on my feet. I was left very disappointed by the overall performance. I'm not a big concert goer, but the Chilis were the one band I'd been saying (for 5 years) I would definitely go and see. The band played very well but there was something so unsatisfying about Saturdays effort. It had a very stop start feel and at times the vocals were iffy. A really good song followed by something so lacklustre I started getting bored. If I could go back and give my ticket to someone who would have enjoyed it more then I would. Definitely, not worth $130 and I only need to remember the spectacular performance of The Foo Fighters (a band that I'm not even a big fan of!) in Nov 05 to realise that.

I went to both nites and they exceeded expectations. Both nites had highlights. First nite:Sir Psycho Sexy, Suck My Kiss, Higher ground, Nobody Weird Like Me. Second Nite: Give It Away, I Could Have Lied, Untitled 11, Catholic School Girls Rule. The jams were awesome. I guess the mainstream fans were pretty upset by the lack of interaction from Anthony and also no Under The Bridge...but meh...they can do what they like cos i totally enjoyed it 10/10!!!

I went to the Sunday show and thought it was awesome. Sound was good where we sat and yes they could have been a bit more crowd friendly but they are legends at the end of the day! Anthony is still looking pretty hot even in his seldom mood,

ok, I went to Saturday night show..and it was Ammmaaazing!! How can people say it wasn't. I have idolised john Frusciante for sooo long, and he was just as mezmorising as I thought he would be. Ants was amazing he has been through so much in his life ..that he has got the respect from fans to have a little bit of an off night. Personally I thought he was just as crazy an sweet as i thought he would be live. chad +flea were wicked aswell. The chilis have the best vibe coming off them with such a good connection between each other, there music just flows. As for this matt guy! that made me so angry..what do you think saying josh- (also Frusciantes Best friend) doesnt deserve to be on the stage. Look man, it wasnt your decisions; it was the chilis. Let him have a good time, Hes up on this huuge arena doing a show with the chilis-umm he must be pretty darn good then eh? Coming from a *experienced guitar player*...and also spelling Frusciante could be a good words can describe how amazing this show was!all the bruises from the mosh didnt matter! I love the chilis!!!

Went to the Sunday night show expecting to rock for 2 hours solid and have no voice due to singing to all the classics - disappointing. Although we rocked and yes it was good it seems Anthony misplaced his Mojo and there was no connection with the crowd. Man, Mick Jagger can strut his skinny butt all over the stage for 2 hours easy and he must be at least 20 years Anthony's senior! The Stones always acknowledge their fans and they ooze energy despite their ages - they show the crowd how much they love to be on that stage and doing it. Jagger would never walk off before the end of a concert without as much as a Cya Auckland, thanks. Glad I went but still left wanting...

Lil Gav
What a mean night for Saturday! Did anyone hear the crowd reaction at the venue when they were playing?. Simply electric during the songs and after! Remember the first break? the crowd wanted more and more..cheering. The chilli's have soooo many hits, and they can't possibly play them all.There are a small minority of the moaners on here..who i think moan at the littlist things. These guys can still perform...and they have massive touring lists for each album released. It was a fantastic night. Great work Guys.

I think people should just enjoy the fact they got to go. I missed out on tickets originally and was gutted. Then I paid heaps on Trade Me and I thought it wa

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