New Zealanders are the lousiest tippers when travelling overseas according to a global survey by travel firm Expedia.

While 77 per cent of world travellers expect to tip service providers while on holiday, Kiwis are identified as the stingiest with only 42 per cent typically forking out gratuities.

Australians aren't much more generous with 50 per cent of them tipping while on holiday.

More than 11,000 travellers from 24 countries were surveyed in the study.


The most likely tippers are from Mexico (96 per cent tip service providers on holiday), followed by Austrians (92 per cent ) Germans (91 per cent), Canadians, Thai and Indians (all 90 per cent).

Some 86 per cent of American travellers will tip.

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Food servers are the most likely to get a gratuity (50 per cent) followed by hotel maids and bellhops on 37 per cent.

New Zealanders do however rank highly when it comes to holiday spending. They budget US$2219 per person while travelling overseas behind the Japanese (US$2777) and Mexicans (US$2554).

French expect to spend the least - US$1361 when travelling abroad.

Kiwis are rated in the top one-third of nationalities hungry for holiday deals on 85 per cent, and of that 67 per cent are most frequently on the lookout for flight deals followed by special promotions or seasonal sales (61 per cent) and hotels with all-inclusive or offer meal plans (33 per cent).

Expedia says New Zealanders are "realistic"about the cost involved with travelling, half of all Kiwis feel "neutral" about spending money to go on a holiday. Just over two in ten (22 per cent) feel excited about parting with money to go holiday, saying the cost is worth it to have a nice holiday.