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Your Views: Aussie flag ban at BDO

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A furious row has erupted over national pride and ownership of the Australian flag following a bid to ban the nation's colours from this week's Australia Day Big Day Out rock concert in Sydney.

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Steve King
I heartily agree with the banning of the Australian flag at the Sydney Big Day Out by the organisers of that event - we see the Aussie flag far too often anyway.

William Burt
What the organisers of the Big Day Out says now, is immaterial. No Australian can be banned from flying the national flag anywhere within the Australian Commonwealth. Its our flag; designed by us and our right to fly it is enshrined in federal legislation. This is simply another example of political correctness running amok. If there are sections of the Australian community who do not like our flag being displayed then they should seriously re-assess where the live.

When you become a citizen of a country you swear an oath or affirm to uphold the laws of that country and, in effect, become a citizen of that country. Those who swear this oath/affirmation and then bring along all the baggage from their old country do not deserve the privileges afforded to them by their new and freely chosen adopted country. Those who object to the flag being waved or continue to fight the fight they supposedly escaped from should have their citizenship revoked and be sent packing right back to where they came from. Enough of this PC attitude. Live where you love and love where you live.

Rob Harris
Surely the solution is that if you dont want to see Australians in Australia behaving like Australians then dont go to the BDO or to Australia for that matter. In most Western migrant-receiving countries – including New Zealand there has developed a small but insidious group who persuade themselves and newcomers that New Zealand – or Australia will be like Afghanistan without the Taleban or like Rwanda without the Tutsi or like Cyprus without the Turks and so on. In fact an endless malleability of We will be want you want us to be – just ask. The world is full of failed states – all busily exporting their populations to successful states – generally in the West. The successful states are that way because they have a pretty unified view of what they are and what they want their countries to be. Avoiding expressions of national self confidence because they may offend a newcomer, undermines the strengths that made them attractive migration destinations in the first place.

The Australian flag should be allowed to go where it wants to anywhere in Oz. Those you feel intimidated about it, should take a good look at themselves and their upbringing and those who have influenced them. Australia is for Australians and their flag. Heaven help us otherwise.

Matt Hamon
Please, please, it is bad enough with the Australian media, please desist stating that they have banned the flag or even the national colours at Big Day Out concerts, it simply isnt true. Patrons were asked not to bring large flags or anti-social behaviour using the flag. No ban exist so please stop perpetuating this false claim. I suggest what has happened is that patrons are being warned that if they are anti-social or racist that security at the event will now be able to act and eject trouble makers. National pride is one thing even the RSL should be upset with people using the flag to further their racist agenda.

I dont believe the flag should be banned. Alcohol and drugs should be banned at the Sydney BDO as this would be the biggest provoker for violence. Intoxicated people should not be permitted entry into the concert also as they would be more likely to cause problems.

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