Enough land for 575 new residential properties could be opened up for development in the west of Whanganui under a planned expansion of the urban boundary.

The council has begun a process to re-zone Springvale land out towards Mosston Rd as residential.

"This will increase supply of residential zoned land at Springvale to cater for projected demand over the next 50 years," council policy planner Victoria Edmonds said.

"This is to help avoid the ad hoc development that has taken place in the area thus far."


A strip of lifestyle land along Mosston Rd will form a buffer between the residential zone and the Westbourne Industrial Estate on the other side.

The Springvale Structure Plan, commissioned in 2012, sets out the expansion and once finalised it will be put into the district plan.

"This isn't set in stone and it is definitely open to change," Edmonds said.

Council is hosting two information sessions on June 12 and 13 from 4.30pm at the Wanganui Golf Club.

Whanganui mayor Hamish McDouall said the plan would give a substantial increase in the number of properties available for development in the Whanganui urban area.

"Springvale has developed from a few farms houses in the 1950s to a very desirable suburb and this has the potential to open a lot of land for that development."

Sustainable development was the key, he said.

"I absolutely agree that Mosston Rd should be the boundary for it.


"You need a limit because otherwise we'll be pushing the urban boundary further and further and causing infrastructure stretch. Just look at Auckland, look at Palmerston North.

"This along with the intensification within the city boundary... really offers what people are wanting and that places to live in Whanganui.

Councillors Alan Taylor and Rob Vinsen expressed support for the plan.

"I think as long as I've been on the council I've never seen this much land - potential for 575 sections - plus what we've got on Great North Rd and I think it bodes well for the future," Vinsen said.

Council is also planning to rezone 58ha around Otamatea West from rural to residential to cater for 630 new houses which could be needed in the area by 2065.

The process has paused in March while commissioners sought adequate consultation with iwi.

For more information visit www.whanganui.govt.nz/springvale-structure-plan