No more dust flying after impact and struggling to get out of the landing pit for the Wanganui Boys & Girls Gym Club tumblers as the club has received brand new foam for their training recently.

The replacement project for the old foam, which is guesstimated to be over 10 years old, was organised by interim manager Arlene Dew as was made possible through Four Regions Trust and the Whanganui Community Charitable Trust. In total, 6111 new cubes have been placed in the pit, above 600ml deep safety netting.

The old cubes had been deteriorating and were flaking onto tumblers as they landed in the pit.

The new cubes have different density between the light and dark colours – one allows for soft landings, while the other offers firmer support to make it easier for the tumblers to exit the pit quicker for the next person to have a go.