Several of the recreational athletes of the Wanganui Boys & Girls Gym Club got their first taste of competition in Hawera on Sunday.

Entering the Taranaki Gymsports Tri-Series 1 event, the Whanganui children faced other recreational club kids from Gymnastica Gym Club in New Plymouth and St Johns Gymsport of Hawera.

"Our gymnasts did a fantastic job representing the club," said head coach Kelly Taylor-Ward.

"We would like to thank Gymnastica gym club and St Johns Gymsport for organising the event and for inviting our athletes to compete."


Those coming 1st overall for all the disciplines in their grade were Verti Lebo, 6 (Grade 1 Girls), Iona Newton, 8 (Grade 2), Katy Harvey, 14 (Grade 5) and Ellie Calcott, 16 (Grade 6).

For the boys, the best performers were Toby Hamling, 8 (Grade 2) and Kentaro Yamada, 15 (Tumbling Level 4).

Other Results:
Grade 1 Girls: Felicity Evett-Doyle, 6: =3 on floor and vault, fourth overall; Grade 2 Girls: Brylee Nicholson fourth overall; Grade 2 Boys: Max Rennie, 7: second overall; Grade 3 Girls: Eden Winton fourth overall; Grade 6 Boys: Kenatro Yamada 2nd overall; Tumbling Level 4: Ellie Calcott 2nd overall and Katy Harvey fourth overall.