Hockey Wanganui chief executive Robbie Matthews has been blown away by the support of a local car dealership allowing her organisation to have their own official transport for the first time.

Joining the likes of the local WRFU and Cricket Wanganui organisations, who are used to having signed vehicles, Hockey Wanganui has been gifted a 2017 Rav 4 Signiture class truck by Wanganui Toyota's Richard and Michelle Nessling.

A former Black Stick, Matthews said the unexpected offer came when she visited Richard Nessling to discuss the sponsorship arrangements for 2019, as the organisation has been very busy bringing together funds for their McDonald's Hockey Stadium in Gonville.

After Matthews mentioned the significant costs in just travelling to the towns on the borders of her association, Nessling invited her to a meeting with his wife and they proceeded to offer the blue Rav 4 from their yard.


"I was a stunned mullet," said Matthews.

"It's the first time we've had a 'company vehicle'.

"The [administration's] position has always been, 'have your own vehicle'."

They have added signage to the truck, including the NZ Hockey mantra of "A game of life".

As well as having added room to transport personnel and equipment, Matthews says she will have more opportunity to visit the likes of Ohakune and the Rangitikei with an eye to developing the sport in the regions, possibly so they can raise teams to run festival tournaments.

"It will give us an opportunity to reach a few more schools than we have.

"Be more professional, take that next step."