The finalists for the Subway Victoria Ave 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs were found over the weekend as Wanganui BC's Ray Park and Dianne Patterson will now meet Gonville-Castlecliff's Chris Waterson and Anne Loveridge in March 2019.

The weekend saw 48 teams from various clubs battle it out for the right to play on Bowls Wanganui's finals weekend, when all the championships from the Centre Open events will be decided, on March 16-17.

Teams played four qualifying matches on Saturday, needing to win three out of four to qualify for post section.

At the end of the day's play there were only 16 teams that had qualified, a number of them doing it on their final match of the day after an earlier defeat.


Sunday's post section play was held at Wanganui East Bowling Club, with weather ranging from very hot and sunny in the morning through to muggy and wet by the afternoon.

Having 16 teams meant knockout play, getting down to eight quarterfinalists after one round.


Quarterfinals: Peter Belliss, Reen Stratford (Aramoho) bt Ray Wilson, Sharon Catchpole (Aramoho) 22-5; Chris Waterson and Anne Loveridge (Composite) bt Kevin Coombe, Jill Rohloff (Aramoho) 19-7; Gary Petersen, Maxine Rowatt (Aramoho) bt Colin Wright, Joan Raymond (Composite) 18-16; Ray Park, Dianne Patterson (Wanganui) bt Roger Neilson, Diane Martin (Wanganui East) 19-13.

Semifinals: Waterson, Loveridge bt Belliss, Stratford 16-11; Park, Patterson bt Petersen, Rowatt 16-13.