It was a blast over virgin sand and the feedback was good as the Wanganui Motorcycle Club held an unannounced test run for December's Speedweek Beach Races at South Beach on Saturday afternoon.

With the morning's weather conditions clearing, club members marked out a 600-700m long course across the beach at low tide, with six riders then having a trial run.

Organiser Barry Bailey would have liked a couple more, but there were other motor racing events on in the North Island, while Saturday was the best tide for November.

Normally, a championship sized course for beach racing is 800m, but because the club is running the first one in Whanganui since 1991, they will be keeping the 600-700m length.


"It's time to bring it back and make it happen," said Bailey.

Mark Stoneman and his son were the first ones to ride out on the course and race back and forth.

Compared to dirt and asphalt, racing on sand offers some unique challenges when you open the bike up full throttle.

"It's awesome. It's pretty loose, but that could be my riding style," said Stoneman.

"I was hoping to beat my son but that wasn't on the cards.

"The front end's moving around like a yo-yo.

"It's awesome fun out there."

The actual event on December 28 will consist of both races and time trials.


The bike classes will be:

Offroad Motocross (Unders): Up to 200cc two stroke and 250cc four stroke.

Supermotard: 200 to 300cc two stroke, 251 to 450cc four stroke.

Offroad Motocross (Overs): Up to 250cc two stroke and 450cc four stroke.

Road bikes: Over 350cc.

Classic and VMX class: Machines over 250cc and over 30-years-old.

Open beach racer: Over 300cc two stroke and over 500cc four stroke.