It was the final flips of 2017 for the Wanganui Boys and Girls Gym Club as the whole club and their families gathered for the prize giving display event at Springvale Stadium yesterday.

The gymnasts in their various age groups and divisions put on 18 different displays for parents and supporters, before the awards and prizes were handed out for the season.

In their 60th Jubilee, the club's new manager Clive Rennie said numbers remain strong with the club, with just under 500 registered.

"Very, very strong in the recreational area.


"There's some good programmes.

"There's a programme called Extend for the older kids to start on a coaching path, getting to work with our coaches and volunteers."

The club's competitive gymnastics group attended many competitions in the regional and national level this year, doing well in rhythmic, tumbling and general gymnastics divisions.

The Wanganui club itself hosted four large competitions with out of town clubs.

Prizegiving list
General Gymnastics Cups
5-6 years Boys – John Dunlop Cup: 1. Tobias MicLintock-Trass; 2. Toby Hambling; 3. Hunter Mitchell. 5-6 years Girls – R & P Edmonds Cup: 1. Hannah Cameron; 2. Iona Newton; 3. Hollie Fowler. 7-8 years Boys – Boys & Girls Gym Club Cup: 1. Harvey Harris; 2. Aiden Stoneman; 3. Steven Forsyth 3. 7-8 years Girls – Wanganui Canvas Centre Cup: 1. Zoe Ruscoe; 2. Melanie Goosen; 3. Sophie Fowler. 9-10 years Boys —Wales Cup: 1. Lincoln Hobbs. 9-10 years Girls – Wales Cup: 1. Amy Benadie; 2. Annalise Ward-Trillo; 3. Bridee Ahie. 11-13 years Boys – P. Whyman Cup: 1. Tobias Perkins; 2. Kentaro Yamada; 3. Murphy Perkins. 11-13 years Girls – P. Whyman Cup: 1. Tina Musa; 2. Aleisha Waghorn 2, Tana Musa 3.
Senior Boys Champion – Sport Wanganui Cup: 1. Jordan Schwartfeger; 2. Kai Bennett; 3. Jamie O'Hagan. Senior Girls Champion – Sport Wanganui Cup: 1. Keira Bennett; 2. Ellie Calcott; 3. Michaela Davey.

Competitive Gymnastics Cups

Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)
Step 1 Girls – Boys & Girls Gym Club Trophy: 1. Bailee Jones; 2. Aria Hill; 3. Pieta Martin. Step 2 Girls – Boys & Girls Gym Club Trophy: 1. Sophia Brown; 2. Annabelle Brown; 3. Jodie Dew. Step 3 Girls – Boys & Girls Gym Club Cup: 1. Sienna Gilmore; 2. Kayla Yum; 3. Chloe Bardell. Step 4 – Boys & Girls Gym Club Cup Trophy: 1. Anna Hughes; 2. Shannon Hill. Step 5 Girls – Boys & Girls Gym Club Trophy: 1. Holly Burrows; 2. Katja Mokha. Step 6 Girls – Boys & Girls Gym Club Trophy: 1. Crista Yum; 2. Amorangi Rayner.

Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)
Level 1 Boys—Boys & Girls Gym Club Trophy: 1. Finn Lennox; 2. Jacob Price; 3. Theo Stanbrook-Mason. Level 2 Boys — Boys & Girls Gym Club Trophy: 1. Harry Dickie; 2. Miguel Sapasap. Level 5 Boys – Boys & Girls Gym Club Trophy: 1. Amardin Firaza.
Aerobics Level 2: 1. Ella Riddell; 2. Chelsea Jones; 3. Olivia Gibbons.
Aerobics Level 3: Greer Ching 1, Hayley Bardell 2, Cassidy Wright 3.
Aerobics - Timm's Engraving Trophy: Ella Riddell. Highest (execution) score at Nationals: Crista Yum.

Other Awards
Best All Round Boy – G R Gillespie Cup: Jordan Schwartfeger. Best All Round Girl – M.E. McCullock Cup: Nikita Ebbutt-Moorehouse. Most Improved Boy –Wanganui Boys & Girls Gym Club Trophy: Lachlan Mackintosh; Most Improved Girl – Lowe Cup: Ina Waiariki. Boys Tumbling – Warnock Cup: Josiah Kirk. Girls Tumbling – Eyes on Victoria Cup: Amorangi Rayner. Club Spirit Award – Bukholt Family Cup: Tina Drayton. Bukholt 50th Jubilee Award: Tina Drayton, Jordan Schwartfeger, Keira Bennett, Bailee Jones, Finn Lennox. Instructors Cup – Peter Chen Trophy: Josiah Kirk. Outstanding Service to the Club — Munroe Family Trophy: Kim Hemi. Ollerup Scholarship announcement: Jordan Schwartfeger.