It was close, but the Wanganui East Bowling Club membership gave a majority 'yay' vote to the possibility of merger with Laird Park Bowling Club in an enlarged complex.

However, it is not yet a done deal as the club has put the matter back to a sub-committee looking further into the feasibility before making a final decision.

The original proposal was for Wanganui East to sell it's 5000 square metre clubrooms on Helmore St and move over to the Laird Park club, using the proceeds to build an indoor complex with artificial greens.

This would combine the memberships with Wanganui East bringing around 130 across to join Laird Park's 40-odd members under a new club banner.


However, there is a strong 'nay' group within the Wanganui East who do not wish to leave their current clubrooms, which is solvent with financial security, and shift to a property which is leased by the district council.

In the vote last Wednesday evening, the final tally was 44-38 in favour of the merger.

The 82 votes cast is slightly above the 80 members who attended the initial meeting where the prospect of merger was raised two months ago, but is still not the entirety of the membership as some could not be there on the night

"There was a few that unfortunately couldn't make it, but that's life," said club president Kerry Ridgway.

"We'll just have to see where we go."

With only a six vote difference, it is possible the yay outcome could be changed or be further increased by other members having their final say.

Ridgway confirmed the matter will now go back to the subcommittee, which is headed by John McColl.

Laird Park president Judy Titter said the decision still rests with Wanganui East, as her club has been behind the concept ever since it was first raised.

"It will be nice if it happens, but we can carry on as before.