The 6-a-side hockey tournament was another rare case of a 2017 New Zealand Masters Games module exceeding expectations with three jammed-packed days of action at Gonville Domain.

Co-ordinator Michelle Lowe said they had 21 teams enter the event, which was six more than 2015, for roughly 150 participants overall.

There was men's, women's and mixed grade competitions, with some players doubling up in two teams

"Most of us ended up with about ten games of hockey," Lowe said.


"It was pretty hot, had ice buckets behind the goals.

"Everyone enjoyed it and they all will be back."

The 6-a-side format is played on half of a field with no goal-keepers, for games consisting of two 20 minute halves.


Women 30+: 1. Stick Together (Wairarapa, Wellington); 2. Taranaki Cougars; 3. Wanganui Mellow Yellow.

Women 40+: 1. Evergreens (Palmerston North); 2. Pink Panthers (Whanganui); 3. Wairarapa Express.

Men 30+: Sweathogs (Whanganui).

Men 40+: 1. Burts (Wairarapa); 2. Taranaki Black; 3. Taranaki Orange.

Mixed 30+: 1. Rebels (Palmerston North); 2. Green Machine; 3. Taranaki White.

Mixed 40+: 1. Flaming Turtles.