It took a while for Neptune's breath to return to steady, but the NZMG sailing on the Whanganui River eventually got underway in front of the sailing clubrooms last weekend.

Spokeswoman Sarah Lourie said a total of nineteen boats entered in a variety of classes.

Sailing was abandoned on the Friday and Saturday due to strong gusty conditions, however Sunday proved "a perfect day for testing the skills of the sailors".

"Local yachtsmen won all but one of the events, even though there were entries from Auckland to Christchurch and New Plymouth to Napier," said Lourie.


"The wait for the right conditions was worthwhile to get good results."

The action was intense but contested in good spirits.


Laser Class - Masters Event: 1. Rob Cox, "Blue"; 2. Paul Ryland; 3. Shaaron McKee, "Go Hard Go Home". Grand Masters: 1. Ken Bradshaw, "Equinox"; 2. Gill Waiting, "Seabird"; 3. Keith Ryland, "Slip Stream".

Paper Tiger Class - Masters Event: 1. Stewart Thomas, "Blue Moon"; 2. Andrew Montgomery, "Mr Jinks"; 3. John Goodare, "Wishbone". Grand Masters: 1. Grant Allen, "Touchwood"; 2. Dennis Leatham, "Learning to Fly"; 3. Jim Moore, "Hot Gossip".

Open Class: 1. Lindsay Stevenson, "Beach Loop"; 2. Allen Geerkens, "Eggnog"; 3. Bob Davies, "Spritzig.