On a good weekend for the Nesbitt family, Tonia Nesbitt was the standout performer at the Velodrome for the track section of the NZMG cycling module on Saturday afternoon.

Sprints, pursuits and scratch races were the order of the day for the 45 entrants, with the strongest numbers being found amongst the veterans in the 60+ age group.

Organiser Ron Cheatley also noted there were more male entries, which as with the size of the field is about par for the course as many masters riders prefer road racing to the banking tracks of the velodrome.

There had been over 100 entries for the road time trial on Somme Parade that morning, for example.


"They got a rest day, then the road race [today], but a lot of them do the triathlon during the week," said Cheatley.

While there may have been more men overall, Whanganui's Tonia Nesbitt flew the flag for the locals, riding a very good time in the 2000m women's pursuit, which Cheatley said would also have been quick enough to get a medal in the men's division.

Nesbitt's partner Paul Nesbitt would win the 10km running road race on Sunday.
Palmerston North's Nev Weir also scorched around the track to win the pursuit gold in the 50+ men's age group, while Aucklander Benny Van Der Greindk was impressive in all of the 55+ events.

"Bruce Goldsworthy, Auckland and Adam Hamlin, Whanganui, had a good battle in the 75+ age group, with Goldsworthy winning the sprint and scratch race and Hamlin taking gold in the 500m time trial and pursuit," said Cheatley.

The cycling road race begins today at 9am at Brunswick Hall, while the grass sprints will be at Cooks Gardens on Thursday at 5.30pm.