Dan Cowper is hoping to give the 4x4 scene a bit of a shake up.

The Turakina man is preparing to host the Suzuki Extreme 4x4 Challenge on his property this Oueen's Birthday weekend.

It's an event he has created and organised as a way to put a spectator and TV focus on 4x4 motorsport competition. Cowper is running the Suzuki Extreme 4x4 Challenge through his own company Cowper Trucks. The event is separate from the national 4x4 series. It will feature hand-picked drivers and custom-designed courses.

"It allows me to create the course how I want and not be restricted by the rules, not saying their rules are bad," he said.


He's also managed to get TV on board with the event being filmed for a slot on TV3's CRC Motorsport. "That was the initial push, for it to get the sport back on the telly," he said.

Cowper has been building the tracks at his Turakina property since Christmas in preparation for this month's event.

He started carving out the courses while the ground was still dry. "We've had to raise a lot of dollars to do it. The filming is a major cost."

It will feature 15 trucks completing six different courses which will include man-made jumps, sculptured walls of death, ramped hill climbs and descents, dug out humps and hollows, mud bogs plus a speed course. "It is made for TV. It's not like circuit racing where you watch the same track all day," Cowper said.

Cowper has hand picked the 15 drivers who will take part in the event with crowd entertainment in mind. "I've picked guys that have got good machinery and who I think will put on a good show.

"It's not really about results."

He said it was an exciting change for the sport and hoped it would be one that pulls spectators in.

The May 31 event, held at 2278 SH3 Turakina, starts at 10am and will finish at 4pm. Entry will be $20 per person but is free for kids under 5. Cash only. Hot food and refreshments available on the day.