It was fast, furious and fun at the Cooks Gardens Velodrome on Sunday for the second experiment with velocross.

A hybrid cycling event takes elements of track and BMX racing using the banks of the velodrome for riders to build up speed before tackling a short cone course using turns and an optional jump.

An eclectic mix of 20 BMX loving teenagers, Wanganui Cycling Club regulars and acknowledged first timers took part on the circuit.

A good time on one lap of the course was judged to be about 30 seconds, although there was always that danger of a spill if one pushed too hard on the sloping corners.


"A lot of fun, challenging, and a lot of laughs out there," said club member Debbie Cain.

Sean Hartley, 16, said he was keen to come back for another go on his BMX.

"It's alright. Probably [the toughest is] the start it's pretty intense, everybody cutting you off."

Organiser Rod Trott said they will hold another Velocross in the New Year.

He would like to develop the hybrid sport into a regular series, working with the Wanganui schools. "It's a bit of everything as you can see," he said.