The drive is on to find some good youngsters or seniors who could prove a dab hand on two wheels.

Wanganui Cycling Club is hosting an open day on Sunday at the Cook Gardens Velodrome in a recruitment campaign to start off the new season.

Veteran rider and New Zealand cycling coach Ron Cheatley said the club was determined to attract new blood to the sport to continue to foster its rich tradition here.

"See what track cycling's all about and you might really like it.


"It's to get them familiarised with the track really."

After rowing, cycling is the second-highest funded code by Sport NZ formally Sparc both of which are standout codes in this district.

Former New Zealand Junior World Championship representative Shaun Tucker said in today's climate club's had to actively go out to recruit potential riders.

"I don't think we had an open day [in my youth] we just jumped up and rode."

Much of that competition is not so much with other sports but bringing people outside and away from the keyboards and consoles.

The club will have 30 bikes available for those who cannot bring their own parents are invited to attend with their children so the whole family gets to experience track riding at different levels.

Membership in the club is usually around two third males, although as Tucker said they had "a growing women's coffee scene".

The club also hopes to have their world championship level stars like Gary Anderson and Cassie Cameron on hand for some coaching.


Cheatley said the club will hold its regular meetings at the Velodrome on Thursday's and if numbers are strong enough they will introduce a newcomers training night as well.

Whatever the case, Tucker said there would also be room for Thursday training before the 6.30pm starts.

"It will be easier races to start with while they get to learn the track."

The Wanganui Cycling Club open day and tuitions start at 2pm on Sunday.