Wanganui primary netball has its first grading day today, with a new format being introduced this season.

Six teams in each grade from A through to O play a round-robin of five games, with the top team moving up a grade and the bottom going down a grade.

After that is another series of round-robin matches, then a semifinal and final in each grade. The idea is have more even matches with teams closer in ability playing each other.

Primary convenor Kim Flower said last weekend's opening day had gone well.


"Support on the sideline from spectators has been excellent," she said.

With 86 teams participating in primary and intermediate netball, there is sure to be plenty of action down at Laird Park.

Even the Junior Ferns, who are usually first-year players using shorter goals, are out there having a go.

Flower said players at that age were filled with enthusiasm and energy. "Enjoyment by the players is important - but it is also about playing fairly."

She also had a message for supporters. "The courts have yellow markings around the outside which is the umpire line, and we would like parents and supporters to refrain from standing inside these lines."