Academy echo from past

Whenever I read about the progress of the Wanganui Flying Academy I am reminded that the first officially recognised commercial flying school was started by the Wanganui Aero Club in the mid-1950s.

It was the brainchild of the then CFI, the late BPW Dalcom, who saw it as a means of better utilisation of club aircraft during the week and a means of addressing the appalling fatality rate in the fledgling aerial top dressing industry.

In exchange for a reduced number of flying hours needed for a commercial licence, it provided specialised tuition and advanced flying training. The scheme worked well and was soon copied, but Wanganui was without doubt the first and with the establishment here of the flying academy it seems that the wheel has turned full circle.
W T Hone


Pleasant surprise
That was a pleasant surprise in the Chronicle (November 7) with Jay Kuten and Gwynne Dywer showing they have good minds.

Jay Kuten reaching out beyond the quantitative to reveal his philosophy in the defence of the not-so-lucky without rancour. Knowing to some degree your own worth and going to support the poor is noble. Personally, I recognise the courage required to pursue such an ideal while at the same time I am not sure how good I am at it.

Gwynne Dyer's love of science decorates his knowledge of the universe and perhaps unwittingly gives hope to our planet for our population and our unborn. If his science is good, there are a few, quite a few, places to explore for the valiant. With those millions of abortions, could it not be expected we destroyed a few geniuses to help explore the unknown.

If anybody is interested, those like Jay and Gwynne are victims of the past 100 years of world politics. Our planet has been quietly infiltrated by communism to socialism to democracy and our present Labour Party. The Western world particularly in education has become almost wholly left wing. If there is no God there is no ideal except the practical. To support this thought, consider the present plight of China and North Korea.

Jay and Gwynne represent that past 100 years cut off from the wisdom of men and women of the past 4000 years, cut off from beauty of language, good advice, courage of the highest order and good common sense. Here we are unconsciously making the same errors against family and humanity.

Just for a start, read Book of Daniel, chapter 13.
F R Halpin

Pie king's loss
Absolutely gutted to find out Carlton Takeaways has closed after nine years operated by the pie king, Bruce Leslie, and his boss and partner Joe Ernie.

Not renewing their lease is just a kick in the guts and it rubs salt in the wounds to tell them someone is taking the shop over.


I have been a great supporter of their shop and will miss my brunch after a hard night.

This [non-renewal of lease] has caused my good mates and their families undue hardship and not to mention a big hole in their pockets.

I hope all customers of theirs go that extra bit of distance and support Maggies Pie shop "out the Cliff."
M Wheeler

Leading the world
The other day I had a thought while watching various community groups celebrating 125 years of women's suffrage in this country.

It occurred to me that New Zealand has not initiated any world leading social legislation since.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Government decided to do something to redress that situation, especially given the excess dollars available!


My idea is this: The Government should build saunas in all schools.

This would have two major advantages.

Firstly all the obese and overweight children would soon have the kilos dripping off them in no time at all. Secondly all our children who are expected to live to an average age of 100 would have become acclimatised to excessive sweating by the time global warming sets in. A win-win situation for all parties and once again New Zealand will lead the world in progressive social legislation.
Paul Evans