Honest Donald

I have changed my mind about Donald Trump.

I used to think he was a buffoon, blind to any fact that does not suit him.

I now see Trump as nothing exceptional and even more honest than some of our own politicians.


So what changed my mind?

I came across a graph showing the world's CO2 emissions ever since the first climate conference in Copenhagen, 1985. After every conference, in Rio, Kyoto etc the CO2 emissions went up - and up at a steeper and steeper rate!

Sure, some nations worked hard at producing clean energy, but at the same time the numbers of oil driven cars, planes, cruise ships, tourists, plus you and me went up faster and faster - from 15 billion tons of CO2 in 1970 to 35 billion in 2012 and still rising.
Our own government does nothing at all, apart from putting money in a dodgy scheme overseas, which will achieve nothing.

So who are the dangerous buffoons? Is it just Donald Trump or is it all of us? And what about you?


Kim's missiles

The North Korean missile crisis seem to have its origins in the aggressive colonisation of China by Westerners in the 19th century. This led to armed incursions by the English to force the Chinese to buy British opium, and culminated in an invasion in 1900 by European, Japanese and American forces who committed widespread rapes and massacres, as well as pillaging China's national treasures.

China has been fearful of Western barbarians on its borders ever since. At the end of its civil war in 1949, it named the United States as the biggest threat to its national security, and as a countermeasure, it promoted Communist revolutions throughout territories on its periphery.

When the US-appointed president of South Korea, Syngman Rhee, repeatedly threatened to conquer North Korea, a move that would have resulted in American military forces stationed on China's border, Chairman Mao promised to support North Korea's forces if they attacked first.

The 1950s Korean War has never officially ended, and American warplanes and ships have been practising war exercises close to North Korea for decades.

Donald Trump has greatly increased this threat of invasion, and North Korean scientists have responded with much more powerful nuclear warheads on more accurate missiles with a longer range, very likely with the aid of technology from China and Pakistan.

Iraq and Libya had no nuclear missiles and were overrun by America, whilst Pakistan's nuclear warheads mounted on missiles from North Korea deterred the much larger conventional forces of India from invading it.

Similarly, if Trump orders an attack by conventional forces on North Korea, it now has enough small nuclear missiles to destroy all the nearby American military bases in Guam, Japan and South Korea, and Trump may possibly be deterred from attacking North Korea with nuclear weapons by the knowledge that North Korea would wipe out San Francisco in retaliation.

Even if Trump does turn North Korea into a radioactive no-man's-land, the US will still be unable to build bases there due to the radioactivity. Whatever happens, China's border will be protected from the threat of another American invasion.


Black sheep

I thoroughly enjoy the Black Sheep series on RNZ, and it has prompted me to find out about any black sheep dozing quietly in Whanganui's past.

I've heard intriguing stories at book launches or talks, but it's been very awkward to capture those moments and contacts during those events.

One story might be about Bolton, the last man in NZ to be hanged, and I would like to reconnect with the family members who have already spoken to me about their research.

A collaborative approach to these stories will work pretty well, I think.

I would be interested to hear from anyone with any suggestions for this project, and I can be contacted at: book14me@gmail.com.