The Anglican Church shuffled into the 20th century last week ...

An assembly of church leaders in Waitangi considered its policy towards same-sex unions and produced a blessed fudge.

Faced with 10 options from a commission set up two years ago, the church decided to form a working party to do a bit more considering.

But then religion has always played the long game.


Reports suggested the church might move towards same-sex blessings and ordinations - though this possibility was at least four years away.

And church leaders wonder why they struggle for relevance.

There was a time, of course, when homosexuality was judged a heinous sin by clerics - and a crime by secular courts.

But it seems eternal damnation is no longer on offer to the gay community - rather now it is the hand of friendship extended by Pope Francis, who wants the Catholic Church to debate gay rights.

Meanwhile, the rest of civilisation - including the gay sector - just gets on with things, perhaps feeling the blessing of the church isn't as necessary as once supposed.

The day before the church assembly, America's national sport drafted its first openly gay player.

Gridiron star Michael Sam made history as he got the nod for a spot in the National Football League with the St Louis Rams.

Yes, even the United States with its conservative Christian right-wing rump is trying to keep up with the play.


Sure, Sam's selection made big news ... but not quite as sensational as it would once have been.

Meanwhile, watch this space (but don't hold your breath) to see if the church eventually stumbles into the 21st century.