The Marton cat whose remarkable story has captured the attention of the country will soon be looking for a "forever home" just as soon and he's finished recuperating.

Rodney was found north-east of Marton last week after a month-long search leaving rescuers in "disbelief".

The search for Rodney, who had spent much of his life at Marton's ITM store, began after it was alleged a staff member decided to take the cat 15km north of Marton and let him fend for himself.

The decision caused outrage in the town and hundreds joined the search.


Last week rescue group Marton Moggies received a call from ITM saying a farmer had spotted the cat on his farm 13km away from Marton.

Marton Moggies set up traps around the farmer's barn on Tuesday and caught Rodney within a few hours.

Rebecca Stevenson from the Marton Moggies said they didn't get their hopes up too high when they initially received the call - just in case it wasn't him.

"We were very cautious to make sure that was him before we got our hopes up," she said.

After comparing him to photos and having someone come in and confirm it was in fact Rodney, Stevenson was relieved.

"There was a bit of disbelief that we actually found him after a month of hard work."

The Marton Moggies notified the community about Rodney's finding on Facebook much to the delight of those who were following search effort.

"Just so thrilled to read this news! Rodney so deserved too be found alive and well," one person commented.

Rodney the cat will spend the next two weeks recovering with the Marton Moggies. Photo / Rebecca Stevenson
Rodney the cat will spend the next two weeks recovering with the Marton Moggies. Photo / Rebecca Stevenson

"Yay been following this sad story and so glad he's safe and warm again after his horrible ordeal," another said.

Rangitīkei district councillor Cath Ash applauded the locals for their efforts.

"My heart just went out to poor Rodney who was out there in the wild all on his own," she said.

"It certainly was fantastic to see the community rally to find him."

Ash said the story has been a good conversation for the community around the responsibility of pet owners and reserve areas.

"We all felt for Rodney and thrilled to have him found."


Rodney was taken to Southern Rangitikei Veterinary Services for a check-up, where he was microchipped and treated.

Central ITM paid for Rodney's medical expenses as well as donating $1000 to the Marton Moggies to help find him.

"The vet was happy and nothing was going on," Stevenson said.

Rodney will spend the next two weeks with the Marton Moggies putting on some weight with food and water.

"It's suggested you keep them for 14 days to isolate them and make sure nothing pops up.

"We will make sure he keeps ticking along nicely and then from there we will find him a forever home."


Stevenson said they have had a lot of interest from the community about adopting Rodney and they will make a plan in the coming days to find him the "perfect family".

Stevenson wanted to thank the community for their role in helping find Rodney.

"The community support has been amazing. It has been so awesome to see the whole of Marton rally," she said.

"We are really grateful to the community for all the support, donations and time they have put forward for the search."