Arborist Bryce Robb and partner Mary Cameron will return to the trees under Covid-19 alert level 3, but have not forgotten fellow business owners still awaiting a leg up.

The owners of Beaver Tree Services, with teams in Whanganui, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch, are able to return to work on Tuesday as the country drops to alert level 3.

And while they were busy ensuring plans were in place to protect staff and clients they also spared a thought for small businesses less fortunate.

Robb and Cameron have launched a "Help us help them" campaign designed to give cash-strapped small businesses yet to be given the green light to return to the workplace a few dollars.


"We understand that it is a trying time for everyone concerned during these unprecedented times," Robb said.

"We have come up with a special offer to help other small businesses that are less fortunate than us, hence 'Help us, help them'.

"The offer is, for every quote accepted, we will buy you a $50 voucher (of your choice) from a small retail or hospitality business you would like to support. All you need to do once the quote is accepted is nominate the business and we will take care of the rest, and get the voucher to you.

"One option would be to choose a business through the SOS App ( or, alternatively, if you have a small local business that you would like to support just let us know and we will make that happen.

"We feel grateful that we are able to start back to work on Tuesday, and would like to pay it forward to businesses that are not able to start back under Level 3 restrictions."

In the meantime, Robb was confident health and safety criteria for operating under level 3 would be met.

"We have put in place an extensive health and safety plan around keeping our staff and clients safe during the continued restrictions." The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website