While the Covid-19 lockdown has forced all Whanganui libraries to shut its doors and the return of books put on hold, its digital arm is still available.

Whanganui District Libraries manager Pete Gray said the modern world was lucky to be able to access "a wealth of fascinating and engaging films, ebooks, audiobooks and digital magazines and newspapers from our homes".

"We want to make sure our community is able to explore this great range of digital material while staying at home to stop the spread of Covid-19," Grey said.

Whanganui Central Library Photo / Stuart Munro
Whanganui Central Library Photo / Stuart Munro

The Whanganui Library has extended the cap for its Kanopy video streaming service, which allows cardholders to access award-winning films and documentaries. Cardholders are now able to view up to 20 films a month, up from the previous limit of 10, while the Kanopy Kids section is unlimited.


To access free ebooks and audiobooks, customers are advised to download the Libby app and enter 'Whanganui District Library' into location information.

Full-colour digital magazines and digital access to more than 6000 newspaper and magazine publications are also available through the library website, through the RB Digital and PressReader services respectively.

A library card number and password is required to sign up for these digital services. If you've forgotten your password, customers are required to go to the password recovery section of the Whanganui District Library website and when asked for your login enter your library card number. If you haven't set up an online account for your library card, you can send an email to info@whanganuilibrary.com.

"Our digital library has a huge variety of material," Gray said.

"There will be something that will appeal to everyone, providing information, entertainment and a glimpse into a world beyond your own home."

Whanganui District Library, as a Skinny Jump partner, can set up eligible people with a low-cost, prepaid broadband service. Eligible groups include families with children, job seekers, seniors, people with disabilities, refugees and migrants, or those in social housing.

For those members of the library without access to the internet or those needing help with the process, call 021 090 69741 to speak to Jordan from the Whanganui District Library or leave a message.

Covid19.govt.nz: The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website


If library members have access to the internet, they need to fill in the forms on the following link: www.steppingup.nz.

Library cardholders can sign up for Kanopy via this link: whanganuilibrary.kanopy.com/signup/auth/publiclibrary

To access RB Digital on the library website, go here: www.rbdigital.com/whanganui/service/magazines/landing?

For sign-up instructions, go to www.whanganuilibrary.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Signup-Instructions-Pressreader-Website.pdf