None of us is untouched by what we've come to know as Covid-19.

We've all seen some big events dominate headlines over the past 12 months, but none has dominated our lives in the same way this coronavirus has.

We know in times like this people turn to trusted news sources for information, and it's our responsibility to keep you in the know, whether via this website, app or the Chronicle, New Zealand's oldest continuously surviving newspaper.

Of course there is so much coverage of Covid-19's effects on New Zealand and the world, so much information it can be hard to take it all in.


That's why we endeavour to make sure you, as a valued reader, know what you need to know.

We want you to know how serious this is, but also to know it's not a time to panic.
It's a time for compassion, consideration and kindness. It's a time for common sense and listening to official medical advice.

It's a time to make sure we all know what's needed of us when it comes to our own hygiene and interacting with the wider world.

We want our staff to be safe, and we want to be able to continue to bring you news of Covid-19.

That means our office doors will be closed, with many staff working from home, though the Chronicle and NZME are very much still open for business.

What you need to know
What you need to know

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We still want to hear from you, all about your great stories, and we still want to connect our readers with local businesses, who we should all support.

At a time we all should be keeping our distance from each other, it's important we also come together as a community, in spirit if not in body.

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