GasNet is making substantial progress to remove water from a gas pipe that is causing an outage to central Whanganui properties, with supply expected to be restored to College Estate today.

About 263 properties have been left without gas for days after a leaking water pipe entered GasNet's network in St John's Hill. Consumers reported on Sunday that they had no gas.

Technicians spent all of Tuesday removing the water from pipes in the College Estate area.

GasNet general manager Geoff Evans said the removal had generally gone to plan although a blockage in the College St pipe and issues with the removal of water from the pipe which passes under the railway line in Liverpool St had caused some delays.


Although they were unable to clear the water under the railway on Tuesday evening, Evans said they have had a breakthrough this morning and recommissioning of the College Estate area has commended.

"The water was finally removed at 10 am this morning and our Technicians are presently making the final connections in preparedness for the restoration of gas into the network."

Evans said once the network in the area has been commissioned, GasNet representatives will visit each of the properties affected to check the GasNet meter and the consumer's appliance for any faults.

If there are no issues the representative will relight the appliance.

"Any faults on the consumer's pipework or appliances will be discussed with the consumer at the time. If there is no one home when our representative calls, a card will be left with instructions on who to contact."

Evans said for safety reasons, consumers must not turn on their own gas supplies once sections of the network have been commissioned as water may have entered the gas meter and possibly the pipework within the consumer's property.

All GasNet representatives will have a company ID or a letter from GasNet authorising them to complete the work.

Evans said any consumer concerned about anyone claiming to be a representative of GasNet should ask for their identification and if they are not satisfied with this they should call GasNet on 349 2050.


Meanwhile, progress has been made by civil contractors who have excavated a large number of holes from Barrack Street through to Pitt Street.

Technicians are currently working to remove water in Russell Street and Tay Street.

Excavation work began on Parsons Street on Wednesday morning but has been delayed due to traffic management requirements that have been put in place for technicians to access the gas pipes in the roadway.

A GasNet representative will check GasNet's meter installation and the consumer's appliances for any faults before turning their supply back on. Photo / Bevan Conley
A GasNet representative will check GasNet's meter installation and the consumer's appliances for any faults before turning their supply back on. Photo / Bevan Conley

Evans said GasNet has undertaken a range of safety checks to ensure that all pipes have reconnected but if a consumer or member of the public smells gas they should contact GasNet immediately on 349 2050.

Anyone affected by the gas supply outage is able to use the Splash Centre shower facilities for free while their supply is affected.

A list of properties affected will be at the Splash Centre's front counter and anyone wishing to use the shower facilities should take along some form of address confirmation.