Thirteen months later, on the 13th hole, Castlecliff Golf Club's Neil Forlong sunk the second hole in one of his playing career on Thursday.

And there are further numbers that come into play.

The 13th hole is the same one that the Castlecliff club used for the big spot prize at their annual Yellow Ball tournament on Sunday, whereby sinking an ace at that time would have won a car valued at $15,000.

The same thing happened in 2019, when four days after the tournament he played in, club veteran Tom Johns also sunk a hole in one on the 13th.


But car or no car, Forlong was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth during the club's Summer Ambrose tournament.

"You always want them," said the Whanganui detective senior sergeant and former rugby representative.

Taking out his 5-iron on the par 3 hole, Forlong was following on from playing partners John Cosford, whose shot had hit the pin and smacked away, and Keith Savell, who put his attempt well right of the hole, only to watch it roll back close.

"I hit the same line as Keith, but not intentionally," Forlong said.

"I think they knew from my reaction when I hit it.

"I said, 'the only way we're taking my tee shot is if I sink this'.

"It got the roll, left hand down, and never looked like missing.

"Pretty unreal, really."


He celebrated with Cosford and Savell, along with the other playing partners in the 'Jacals' team of Anne Carroll and Dion Hyland.

Savell had also been present when Forlong sunk his previous ace, on the fourth hole at Castlecliff in December 2018.

"He's a bit of a good luck charm."

On his previous trip to the 13th during the Yellow Ball tournament, Forlong had come up short of the hole after an "under club" shot.

"Sunday's was a better shot, to be fair."

Forlong first took up golf at the Tawhero Golf Club in 1991.

He joined Castlecliff in 1993 and has tried to get out for one round a week ever since.

It is believed to be the first ace in the wider Whanganui region this year.