Gloucester St residents are frustrated at the lack of communication from Whanganui District Council over planned stormwater system work on their street.

About two weeks ago residents noticed contractors on the street who informed them the work would involve pipes up to 5m trench being dug up to 6m deep in the ground over summer.

The residents were told the project would take five to six months.

"It's 30 properties which will be 60 to 80 people. It's a huge amount of people to ignore and then put them through four or five months of hell in summer," resident Eva Petzold said.


"I find it incredible they did not contact us."

Another resident, Christina Barrington, said previous infrastructure and drainage work over the years had made it practically impossible for her to run her business.

"We put up with mud, dust, large vehicles and trucks coming and going continuously," she said.

"I run a business from my home and I really want to know where this is taking me.

"I am disappointed that we have not even been approached regarding the road work to go ahead."

Whanganui District Council is planning to upgrade the stormwater network in Gloucester Street. Photo / Lewis Gardner
Whanganui District Council is planning to upgrade the stormwater network in Gloucester Street. Photo / Lewis Gardner

The pensioner said her husband also suffered heart and breathing problems which meant it would be up to her to clear dust from the house and garden.

The residents said four home-based businesses will be affected, with one Airbnb operator already blocking out future dates to ensure guests aren't disappointed when they turn up to a work site on the street.

Some residents said the work probably had to be done while others wanted proof from council that it was necessary.


Resident Heina Petzold said council needed to consider how residents would be affected.

"I think it really needs to be addressed."

After the conversation with the contractor residents made calls and sent emails to council, and received a letter in response.

In the letter senior stormwater engineer Kritzo Venter confirmed council was planning an upgrade in the Gloucester St and London St area this summer.

The letter states council is in the process of tendering work and prefers to have a contractor on board before final work plans and dates are confirmed.

"Council will ensure there is access available to your property at all times during construction – that may be either from the Somme Parade end, or Glasgow St end.

"We appreciate that public works like these can have an impact on normal routines, and we appreciate that some compromises will be necessary for all parties involved to resolve concerns."

The letter states no physical work will start until engagement with affected residents takes place through the council contractor, who is likely to be appointed towards the end of November.

In a statement council's general manager of infrastructure, Mark Hughes, said the improvements were identified in the 2019/20 Annual Plan and will help to alleviate flooding along London and Halswell streets and Peat Park.