A vehicle has been spotted in the surf at Castlecliff Beach by Morgan St.

Whanganui District Council and Police were alerted to the vehicle by members of the public this morning.

A council spokesperson said they're unable to determine if it was dumped on the beach or got stuck.

No number plates were on the vehicle.


Castlecliff resident Lynne Douglas spotted the vehicle.

"The waves were just tossing it around and it was horrible because you could hear all the glass smashing, and then it rolled over a couple of times and was getting absolutely busted up."

Douglas said it's common for people to drive on the stretch of beach.

"We still have an issue out here with the ones who want to hoon through the dunes and they are causing incredible damage," Douglas said.

"When it's nice on the beach people do drive along, but it's quite treacherous sometimes because it looks as though it's good to drive along but it'll be really soft.

"The ones who know the area, they know to keep clear of that particular time or tide."

The vehicle is due to be removed at low tide this afternoon.