The owners of Vincent Meats have had a trailer stolen from their property in Turakina.

Darryl Vincent left his house on Sunday, August 20, and discovered his trailer was missing, along with the chiller panels he had stored on it.

Vincent said the estimated value of the panels was between $500 and $1000 all up.

"The trailer itself doesn't stand out, it's just a normal tandem trailer, but it should stand out like dogs' balls with a big stack of chiller panels on it," he said.


"They're big thick white chiller panels used to make a chiller that you put meat in. It was for the butchery. I've got two big chillers here and I was making another one."

Vincent Meats is a home-kill service run by Darryl and Paula Vincent, who have a retail shop at the Whanganui River Markets every Saturday.

Vincent had the trailer stored in a shed with the panels loaded on it, ready to be put together when he had some spare time.

Due to rough weather in Turakina on Saturday night, no one heard or saw anything when the trailer was taken.

Vincent said the trailer had been secure.

"It was in the shed, the gate itself was a locked gate, but if someone wants something, they're going to get it no matter what.

"They definitely came prepared. They would have had to tie the panels on because they were just lying on the trailer."

It is a 2009 trailer with the registration N406H and the panels are four metres long.


Vincent has never had anything stolen from his property before and nearby neighbours had not experienced any similar issues.

Police were informed of the theft on Monday and are making inquiries.