Local businessman Brent Crossan is hoping to lay a fresh set of eyes on some of the district's big issues if elected to Whanganui District Council.

The Action Drainage and Construction manager is seeking a seat to focus on introducing kerbside recycling, attracting working families to the district, and improving Whanganui's infrastructure.

"Whanganui has risen in population over the last five years and the infrastructure needs to be looked at otherwise shortly it's going to potentially not cope," he said.

"You used to be able to get across Dublin St Bridge at 8am in five minutes now you get stuck for 25 minutes, it's not Auckland issues but it could potentially get to Auckland issues."


Crossan said through his work he's had significant interaction with the public and been able to compare Whanganui to other districts.

"It's taken me to other towns for jobs whether it's a week, month or a year. You pick up little things that the town is doing and what might work well in Whanganui and kerbside recycling is one of those," he said.

Crossan hasn't run for council before but said he's in a position to do so now with employees ready to take over some of his work duties if successful.

"The council has been similar people the majority of the time I've been around and it'd be good to get some fresh faces in to help out with decisions that have potentially been overlooked.

"I'm not criticising the council for its decisions, I just think a fresh mind might be of benefit."

Keeping an eye on Whanganui's outdoor spaces and taking steps to improve the CBD are other areas Crossan would like to have a role in.

"It's a shame Victoria Avenue looks so empty, it's quite a sick avenue so if we can get some more people here it might encourage bigger businesses to set up shop and fill those empty buildings.

"The avenue can be a place we're proud of where every second building isn't empty, you go to other towns and every building is full and that's what we need here."