Whanganui District Council is making progress towards roofing the velodrome and has tasked a specialist to undertake a needs analysis of the project.

Late last year Sport New Zealand undertook a peer review that recommended further analysis and information would be needed to ensure the proposed solution is affordable and sustainable, and that it is appropriate for the needs of Whanganui.

As a response further analysis was requested by the Project Control Group, which is made up of council and Velodrome Development Trust representatives.

Project Control Group chairwoman Philippa Baker–Hogan said the independent specialist is being engaged with getting a clearer picture of potential users of the venue.


It's expected the work will be complete next month.

Whanganui District Council chief executive Kym Fell said the velodrome is a strategic asset for the Manawatu–Whanganui region.

"Roofing the velodrome will require significant funding from central government. In their peer review, Sport New Zealand clearly explained the need for evidence-based data to support any funding applications.

"Our community, region and central government must be satisfied that this is an affordable project and will be sustainable throughout the duration of its life.

"In addition, our community expects the council to be prudent around large capital expenditure."

The next step is to prepare a revised feasibility study that articulates scope, proposed spend, use and operating costs of the upgraded velodrome.