For those aspiring motorists who dread the idea of sitting in a classroom, struggling to sit a learner driver's licence test, a hands-on, practical lesson is coming to Marton.

The iHow Charitable Trust Caravan service is coming to the backroom of the Marton Library every second Wednesday of each month, kicking off in August.

Director Suzanne Carpenter and her team of tutors specialise in training people of all ages to pass their learner's theory test in small interactive groups.

Carpenter said she was approached by the road safety co-ordinator in Whanganui who had recognised a need for the service in Marton.


She said the library had been very open and supportive of the idea.

"We get the youth services from Marton come in [to Palmerston North] and the police out there refer people to the caravan but it's just getting off work and coming into Palmy for it, so if they can do it in Marton it's a huge advantage," Carpenter said.

The three-hour course is $30 with all resource material provided that includes colourful scratchie flip charts and road tiles with Matchbox cars.

The materials are designed specifically for those with dyslexia who may struggle with reading and writing.

"The dyslexia is a whole lot of movement and the colour and the blocking on the flipcharts stops that for them," said Carpenter.

"It's about understanding as well as memorising."

Carpenter says it keeps her students moving and they enjoy not having to pick up a pen and paper as there is no spelling or writing involved.

"A caravan hasn't got any school memories. It's got nothing to do with classrooms, we are as little like school as possible because the people we see and need us have struggled at school so why would they want to go to a classroom."


Out of her 12 professional tutors, Carpenter is the only qualified teacher. All others are from different walks of life and have either had themselves or have had a child with a learning need.

"There's a compassion and understanding and a championship, they champion the kids," she said.

Carpenter began the service in 2004 in Highbury, Palmerston North as her own company and has now extended the service to Milson, Hawke's Bay and Levin.

The service began trading as a Charitable Trust in October 2017 and is funded by Horizons Regional Council.

With increased publicity over the years, interest grew and the service has gained a pass rate of 98 per cent.

In Marton students will be taught on a Wednesday and then sit their test the next day in the same room, through the mobile AA service.

"It's really good for our learners that we teach them in exactly the same room, the fewer changes and differences the better for them," Carpenter said.

Carpenter said this will help drivers who are disqualified who need to requalify.

"To requalify you've got to drive into Palmy and you're not allowed to drive so it's a real catch 22," she said.

Carpenter usually provides resources for a group of five but said if there is more interest in Marton she will bring another tutor along.

Booking will be essential and theory for truck licences can also be taught.

To book, contact Carpenter on 021877674.