The faint smell of paint is in the air as a group of teachers stand gathered around a table inside the arts block at Whanganui High School.

Behind them is a press with a sign that says: "This press is for etching".

At the head of the table is Whanganui High School teacher and printmaker Graham Hall who is explaining techniques to the group.

They are mostly all secondary school teachers from places such as Taumarunui, Wellington, PioPio, Palmerston North and Hastings.


It is a three-day workshop in which Hall is passing on his knowledge in the printmaking field.

"I work in a process called multi-block which is a renaissance technique, but I have perfected it using a lot of tools like laser cutters and vinyl cutters," Hall said.

"I've been printmaking as an art teacher for a number of years. It's nice to take what I've learned and teach it to other people."

On Saturday and Sunday, the teachers moved onto learning about drypoint printmaking and screen printing.

Hall moved to Whanganui in the 80s and began teaching at Ngamatapouri School to the north.

While teaching he went to a printmaking workshop at the Wanganui Regional Community Polytechnic and was hooked.

"The medium hooked me, getting ink under your nails, everything," Hall said.

"I really liked the process. It's quite an old process, but there are new techniques being created, made and used all the time."


The workshop is being run by Common Knowledge NZ LTD and is set to run from 9am until 5pm every day.