The Bedford Ave Studio is the home of many well-known Whanganui artists including Driftwood Jack (Jack Marsden Mayer) and Cracked Ink (Simon Ormerod).

However, on Saturday, the unmissable brick building visible to people travelling along Heads Rd was the location of a completely new event.

It was the first official raceday for the Wanganui Radio Control Car Club who created an indoor track for their members to race on.

Club treasurer Zac Reid said he was pumped up about the day.


"For the first event in a town that hasn't had a radio control car club for about 20 years, it was really good," Reid said.

"Quite a few of us travel to Taranaki and Wellington each month to race on their tracks. For us to be able to have a race in Whanganui was awesome."

The club was formed last year and has 16 financial members who race 1/8 and 1/10 scale buggys and truggys.

Some are electric-powered while others are nitro-powered, with little motors in them that require fuel.

Reid moved back to Whanganui two-and-a-half years ago, met a few guys who were racing and decided to get into it himself.

He said he likes it because it is a team effort.

"You're all racing against each other, but you spend a lot of time helping each other out too. With the nitro, you need a pit guy who fuels you up during the race.

"You do a race and then you have to go out onto the track and be a marshal. Everyone stands out there so if someone flips their car over, there's someone to fix it for them."


The club is currently building an outdoor track towards Whanganui Airport and they have already made some jumps for it.

They have received financial support from Plumber Dan, help with equipment from Harrison's HireMaster Wanganui and dirt from Loaders.

"We wouldn't be able to do it without their support," Reid said.

"The club's long term goal is that the facility would meet the expectations of people at a national event and we would love to hold that here in Whanganui."

Radio control car racing is a big activity in New Zealand, with about 130 people entered in an upcoming event in Pukekohe.

The Whanganui club's races on Saturday were all timed and it marked the beginning of their year-long points series.

Events will be held every month which anyone can attend as a spectator or possibly as a competitor. More details can be found on the Wanganui Radio Control Car Club Facebook page.