As school ball season approaches a group of Marton women are giving back to their community through the glam of ball gowns.

Emily Rayner, Lindsey Robinson, Kym Glasgow, Amanda Glasgow, Libby Rayner and Krystal Dalley established Give Glamour in 2018 to upcycle preloved ball dresses out of the Marton Theatre to those in need.

Emily Rayner said between herself and the four other women, they had a lot of ball dresses sitting in their closets and wondered how they could benefit the community.

"We really wanted to provide for a market that may not be able to afford a new dress or are struggling to find anything to suit their body shape or type," she said.


The group first asked for donations of ball dresses from the community which then they sold for $50 or less.

"We want to remind people you don't have to spend $400 on a new dress and you can still look and feel amazing," Rayner said.

Initially, they wanted around 50 dresses but received 148 donations with a lot left over after the initiative wrapped up for the year.

All profits made from the dresses go to two charities giving the buyer the choice of who they wish to support, that Rayner says is very important to them as a non-for profit initiative.

Last year they raised $2000 collectively for Women's Refuge and the Marton Counselling Centre.

Due to their success, they decided to make it an annual event and this year support Plunket and Youthline.

"We are just a bunch of individuals that are trying to make these girls' day and make them feel good about themselves.

"If we can achieve that and donate to charities at the same time, everyone wins."


Over two recent sales at the end of May and over Queen's Birthday they have sold 25 dresses and hoping to sell more this Thursday in time for the Rangitikei College ball.

The school has supported the initiative for which the group is grateful.

Individual sales can be held by contacting the group as Rayner said they were very flexible if it meant they are helping someone in need.

With upcoming balls around the region, the group is always open to receiving donations.

Drop-off points are at Flight Centres in Whanganui, Feilding, Palmerston North and the District Monitor in Marton.