The foundations of the new community centre in Bulls are taking shape.

Rangitikei mayor Andy Watson says the development, which will have the town hall, library, information centre and town square all at one location, is progressing well.

"The base floors have all been poured, all the major steel work is in so you've got high pillars, they've poured the exposed concrete on the second floor.

"We're at the stage now where they can have more than just the steel formers and concrete guys in on the act."


Watson says the community has had great support for the project.

"Initially we looked to raise $100,000 from the local community, we tried to increase that to $150 thousand but I think that we're now on track to raise $300,000."

The project was first signed off by council in 2015 but put out to a second round of public consultation in 2017 before council voted to proceed a second time.

Helen Scully, who chairs the Bulls and District Community Trust, said it's great to see significant work finally under way.

"A lot of people, especially the rural people that I talk with a lot, they're just pleased to see something happening."

Scully said there are quite a few community groups interested how they can use the space once it's opened.

"I'm saying 'let's see when it's finished, see how we can use it once we see the rooms and the sizes', because when you see the footings out there it doesn't look big but people forget that it's three storeys."

From the trust's point of view, Scully says they want to see it used by as many groups that can, and for the public to use it as a community hub.


"I want it to be the living room of the community.

"We're all looking forward to it, this is what we've been waiting for a long time, it does actually give our community a solution to something that we've needed for a long time."