A man was on bail and had drugs in his possession when he attempted to escape police.

It was 28 minutes past midnight and Ronald Jeffrey Ridout was driving in Gonville when he was seen by a police officer who turned on his vehicle's siren and lights.

Ridout put his foot down.

He raced down Carlton Ave, went straight through a roundabout onto Parsons St and then onto Great North Rd, his speed ever increasing.


However, his escape act was more Henry Okah than John Dillinger and as he motored down SH3, he came to a screeching halt as his tyres hit road spikes.

Judge Dugald Matheson said Ridout's driving was exceedingly dangerous.

"In total he travelled 8.9km after being signalled to stop. A check by police revealed the distance should have taken nine minutes to travel, the defendant took only two minutes.

"On apprehension he was searched and located upon him was 0.68 grams of methamphetamine, 4.3 grams of cannabis material and a glass pipe."

At the time of this offending, Ridout was on bail for a spate of shoplifting offences and a theft in January.

That began on January 13 when Ridout stole someone's phone from a wall charger at St Johns Club followed by the theft of a hat from Coin Save Wanganui on January 16.

He then took two bottles of engine oil from BP on January 19, food from Gull on January 21 and fragrances from Farmers in Palmerston North on January 31.

Ridout has a history of offending dating back to 1992, tallying 104 convictions in that time, including 20 sentences of imprisonment.


Judge Matheson added to that total, sentencing Ridout to six months and three weeks' imprisonment when he appeared in Whanganui District Court on Thursday.

Ridout pleaded guilty to driving in a dangerous manner, failing to stop for police, possessing utensils for methamphetamine, possessing methamphetamine, possessing cannabis, theft and four charges of shoplifting.

"He feels he's let his family down," Judge Matheson said.

"I have read his letter to me and I acknowledge that he realises something's got to change. He appropriately acknowledges he was stupid and made wrong choices."

Ridout was also disqualified from driving for 12 months and ordered to pay reparation.

Reparation consisted of $69 for the phone, $15 for the hat, $41 for the oil, $11.80 for the food and $105 for the perfume.