The St Anne's School community has rallied around a family whose home caught fire in Aramoho on Monday.

Three children from the family were in attendance at the Raine St school when the Whanganui Fire Brigade was notified of the situation about 10.25am.

Firefighters got the blaze under control within approximately 15 minutes of arriving, however the house was left with significant smoke and water damage.

The school immediately got to helping the family out, led by parent in charge of the pastoral care team for the PTA, Paula Carter.


"I've just taken a whole load of things around to the family about half an hour ago," Carter said.

"We've taken around clothes, toiletries and all of those sorts of things. There are people who are going to be making meals as well, they're going to have a roster."

The family are currently staying with extended family members and have been in contact with Carter, letting her know what they need.

Carter said hearing about what had happened was horrendous.

"It was such a shock because it could happen to any of us. The reality is anyone could have a fire in their house and lose everything in a matter of minutes.

"It's very real for all of us, especially with kids, the trauma they have to go through losing everything is hard. Everyone feels sorry for them and wants to help in any way they can."

Firefighters were at the Paterson St home until late on Monday afternoon checking for hotspots and investigating the cause of the fire.