Whanganui's growing population is being welcomed by many but it's placing pressure on some of our infrastructure.

Probably the most visible effect is on Whanganui's roads where some motorists, who have been used to taking only a few minutes to drive around town, are finding themselves in queues of traffic and frustrated by roading changes and traffic lights.

While it's nothing compared with the traffic challenges bigger cities are facing, it's bad enough for the Whanganui District Council to be receiving a constant stream of complaints, particularly about traffic signals.

We spoke to the council's senior roading engineer Brent Holmes to find out what his team is doing to address the complaints and the council's plans for dealing with the increase in traffic.

Holmes says there has been "a significant traffic growth spike" in the inner city, particularly in the past 12 months.

"Population growth does equate to growing pains in traffic counts and efficiency," he said.




Planning for future traffic movements

Have we got traffic problems?