Multiple locations are having changes made to the speed limit people can drive through them in Whanganui.

They include the permanent speed limit that covers the area of Francis and Rapanui roads surrounding Westmere School, which has been lowered from 100km/h to 80km/h.

The area of Rapanui Rd that lies between SH3 and the intersection with Francis Rd has also had its speed limit permanently lowered from 100km/h to 80km/h.

In line with these changes, the variable speed limit around Westmere School on Francis Road has also been reduced, this time from 70km/h to 60km/h.


Kate Joblin who chairs Whanganui District Council's strategy and finance committee said the Francis-Rapanui road intersection has been an area of concern for the local community for some time.

"Speed limits in this area needed to be lowered to increase public safety around Westmere School," Joblin said.

"The general area is becoming more built-up with new housing, so reducing the speed limit will also help address issues such as vehicle noise and street racers for local residents."

Meanwhile at Castlecliff Beach the speed limit between the North Mole and the southern bank of Mowhanau Stream has been decreased from 100km/h to 30km/h.

The new speed limit is permanent and applies to all vehicles at all times of the year.

Joblin said the reduced speed limit on Castlecliff Beach was necessary because of the shared nature of the area and that fast-moving vehicles and people fishing, swimming or walking on the beach were not a good mix.

"Safety has to be the priority at all times, so vehicle users are now required to travel at a reduced speed to ensure the welfare of all beach goers," she said.

The changes come into effect today and are intended as a public safety measure.


Amendments to the Traffic and Speed Limits Bylaw 2017 were adopted by Whanganui District Council on April 9 after a period of public consultation.