Members of a Whanganui artists collective have put together art works and objects on a heritage theme for Vintage Weekend.

The show is at the Fine Arts Whanganui Gallery at 17 Taupo Quay, and will be open across the three days of Vintage Weekend, gallery media liaison person Jim Norris said.

The artists have included works that reflect the past - John Archbold's painting of a traction engine, Lindsay Marsh's drawing of people planting potatoes during World War I, Gaynor Mulholland's watercolour of people waiting for a ride in the Durie Hill Elevator in 1919.

Other art works show steam trains and a 1928 Studebaker Erskine with big headlights, dubbed 'Dolly Parton'. They are teamed with old objects, such as a cream separator, with bottles, and a writing desk with ink bottles and correspondence.


The artists' intention is "to ensure the event is as rewarding for Whanganui and the city's visitors as we can collectively make it," Norris said.

Fine Arts Whanganui is a group of 10 artists. They change their exhibitions monthly, and also have guest exhibitors.