Calling all safe crackers... or at least someone with the combination.

The revamp of Whanganui District Council's Guyton St building has uncovered a small safe which no one in the organisation knows the combination for.

But before the safe crackers are called in, council chief executive Kym Fell has put the call out to anyone who may have the combination logged in their memory.

"No one knows the password or the combination to it," Fell said.


Council cashier Barbara Fisher has worked at the council for about 40 years and remembers using it herself to store floats.

But she said it stopped being used for cash about two decades ago and she no longer remembers the code.

Fell hopes someone with a good memory and who has used it before still has it logged.

"We're going to build around it and leave it exposed," he said.

"But it would be nice to know if there's some old worker who has it etched in their memory.

"Otherwise we'll just jackhammer in and have a look but I think it'd be nice if someone knows the combination, we'll be able to see what's in it."